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  1. Devilry

    Ask about the UI

    I haven't tried the new UI yet, is it so bad?
  2. Devilry

    New pet from the summer event

    125 HP mate? You forgot to suggest that the pet can also buffs you with 30% attack/defense
  3. Devilry

    Translate the English Game into Spanish.

    So if I arrive to russia do I have to change my smartphone settings to russian too? ; Spanish-speaking people have to abide by rules like everyone else, and those who don't simply are punished as they should be and thats a fact. If someone wants to modify their client's language because they feel more comfortable, and without violating the rules I think it's okay.
  4. Devilry

    Help! Shells main and sub weapon

    The only stats that you can stack from both weapons is Overall SL with another individual SL (only the highest will take effect), the others will only take effect when using the respective weapon. Example : You got a dagger with 30% dmg on pvp ; It will only take effect while using the dagger to attack or any skill that require dagger to be casted, your bow damage wont be modified by your dagger pvp damage stat. But if you have 10 overall SL on your dagger and 8 SL dmg on your bow, you can stack both to get 18 sl dmg.
  5. Devilry

    Translate the English Game into Spanish.

    Mate if they want to modify the scripts of their nostale files (not in a harmful way) I don't see any problem with that, as long as people follow the rules I think its fine
  6. Devilry

    Removal of the PvP potion

    Greetings, You should elaborate further your suggestions and keep the forum out of threads like this, since the one you just posted lacks of a good problem statement of why this item should be removed from game, there is no real reason to eliminate that potion, does this item harm your gameplay in some way?... Sometimes I see people having fun with this.
  7. Devilry

    Best wings for each mage SP

    @Kaizou thanks again, now I'm more clear thanks to everybody, I leave the thread open to discuss more about this topic.
  8. Devilry

    Best wings for each mage SP

    @Kaizou Thanks again, you seem to be a very experienced player :). Btw, If I want to use my BM to PvP I would pick fairy wings too right? whats the best choice even if BM sucks on pvp because doesn't have shields.
  9. Devilry

    Best wings for each mage SP

    I've read the sugestions and both were pretty clear, thanks for everything. What about onyx for the BM? Is a good choice or should I go just for the fairy ones?
  10. Devilry

    Best wings for each mage SP

    Hello guys, thanks for the suggestions, but I dont get it, how do you kill your own shadow while using onyx wings?
  11. Greetings, As the title says, I wanted to know your opinions on what would be the best special wings on each mage SP and why, I really appreciate all your suggestions in advance. best regards, Devilry.
  12. Devilry


    I've used over 100 fruits and still can't evolve my blaze to inferno, It would be fair that this (hard to get) pet get any kind of buff like % def or att.
  13. Devilry


    Lets make a little BUMP to this thread. The new pet, Aries have 5 and 5 % on att/def plus some light element, Inferno should get buffed to match all the other pets like fibi or fenrir too. I'm hoping that with the next patch vgn surprise us with that buff to our beloved Inferno.