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    Guild Tax

    1. You're right that they can play how they want, but i imagine some people bought bps before there was lv 6 guild and wanted to craft them when they could. 2. 100k / 100 is 1k per person by that logic. 3. I'm aware of the day of cap we're on, but this isn't just for this cap, it's for the next ones too. Also it's kind of rude to say "i didn't read your full post". just saying
  2. LCPie

    Guild Tax

    Yea that's fair
  3. LCPie

    Guild Tax

    it means that people will use the guild town and therefore pay the tax that it is set at. the guild would make money. and if he doesn't have competition, he can have it set lower with more people using it. more people, less tax = people use their stuff = they get paid. but if it's set at 1000, people will generally not use their town, and many will just boycott, not buying anything from the members.
  4. LCPie

    Guild Tax

    Like i said in my edit i know they can do that, but with my friends being new players, and we're playing together rather than being in a huge guild, we have to get our stuff from somewhere. I am fully aware that the guilds have to farm to get to where they are but when that guild has over 100 players, it's easier for them to do it over, say a guild with 30 people or even just a group of 10. 50-60% tax is still really high, but 1000% is absurd.
  5. LCPie

    Guild Tax

    I am fully aware that this is just going to get shut down by the community, but i think that their should be a limit on the tax rate for using other guild's towns. For such a new server, tax rates and price gouging is just a move that's going to stop the flow of the game, especially for pvp circumstances. It would make the pvp dry until the rest of the server can get caught up. I'm aware that TW is bugged in the game right now at the time I'm going to be posting this, but far as i can see, the other level 5 guilds aren't close to getting a level 6 guild to give competition. We have new people playing and frankly, with my group that I want to play with, my uni friends who are playing this game for the first time, not even coming from another server. We're a small group, and not going to be able to get very far even in pve if we can't get the gears that the rest of the server would want us to have to run trials. Right now we aren't quite far in our characters, but it's quite obvious to see that we aren't going to even be really allowed to try for lv 58/60 gears when we get there soon because we won't be able to afford it. No guild at this point should be allowed to have 1000% tax, and price gouge lv 58/60 sets, it's not helpful in any way for this server. The max tax rate that a guild leader should be allowed to set should be at the very most 50-60%. GUILDS GET GOLD WHEN PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE THEIR TOWN, use dungeons to get your own gold, that how you're supposed to get it, not price gouging your peers. I know this might be "against" the classic experience, I played on Aeria, i knew there were guilds who raised their tax when they got uncommon crafting merchants that everyone needed, but it's honestly toxic and ruins the game for a lot of people, especially for the new players, for the who just want to enjoy the game and the people who can't afford to spend the money to get VGN to get the gold they need to buy the price gouged sets. I don't even know if the tax % cap could be set either, but i at the very least want this to be out there. Edit: I am fully aware that they are allowed to set their tax this way, and we can't do anything about it than voice our opinion on it, this is that. This is my opinion, it is what i think would help the server, i know that this is "normal" but we could change it so it's friendly to the people who may be playing the game by themselves as a hobby or something.
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    okay so I shouldn’t be the one to say anything cause it took me over a year to level to even 100, though im at cap now, with 8x rates and im not even up to par with PvP standards... probably even 120 pve standards as well, but i was planning on switching to the classic server cause lv 60 cap was the time where I actually found the game again after being introduced by my brother to eden in general, and i really enjoyed it. Frankly having it at the base exp rate would give me time to actually do well and understand the classes instead of just spamming buttons or just doing what everyone else says to do.
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