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  1. all things testet i dont know VPN and also no WTfast works i also use this things not and i have no problem!! ... im an old gamer here and yes maybe disconnect is from ping but not 10-15 min every time ok we look the ping and maybe test wtfast hope we can slove the problem if not i will write here the news thx in this time brg. Lala (VivaLaDiva)
  2. hello my SB friends my friend have realy problem with the game she play it now 1 day so she is new in game after 10-15 min all time she get mother disconnect you from server we have read all forum posts and tryed all things ( Xingcodepatch /VPN/ lower performance/ Anitvir the withelist /copatibility to win 8 with admin / and many other things. ) pls help she will play the game but when there no way she will quit becouse no fun she have WIN 10 and run with 64 bit sytem
  3. hi Excellent i stream all day games like thtat on Plexstorm is for sfw and nsfw when will be the game online ? thx brg. the whoos
  4. hello im back i was 1 year not on i will stream VGSB on PLEXSTORM there is +18 NSFW so ican stream full nudity i see the game is offline ? hope i can stream this day ? pls reply ty brg. the whoos