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  1. Soleviatis

    Class outfits level 90

    That would be amazing and hopefully they do. Though I have no idea at which point they brought that equality to the class outfits or how to put images here, so people could at least see them if they can't be found no more. After all I can't find them online anywhere. Should've taken the advanced Google-Fu lessons methinks.
  2. Soleviatis

    Class outfits level 90

    Huh, that sure is strange. Maybe those missing models are exclusive to FNO then? That would kinda suck. Though I do have the images, so if there was a way to show them, I could do that.
  3. Soleviatis

    Class outfits level 90

    Thanks for the fast response and I understand when it's a source related issue. Just been curious and thought they could be added, since we got all awaken classes, while the main server to this day didn't get past Thief and Templar awakens.
  4. Soleviatis

    Class outfits level 90

    Just a little something I am curious about with the class outfits. As of now there are level 90 outfits for the awaken versions of Templar, Dragon Knight, Thief, Ranger, Shaman, Sage, Illusionist and Luminary. So I'm wondering, are we gonna see the outfits for the other classes too someday? Because they look quite prestigious and I'd love to see them on this server.