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  1. Hello, The Razorsteel Leaf (Prime) gives +75% Move Speed in case of +55%. Hope to see it fixed soon, Tyki.
  2. Ohh right, I forgot about the Damage settings, thanks a lot
  3. Hi, We have quest for 3vs3 arena and MBA arena. Could it be possible to have a quest for 10vs10 arena too ? Tyki.
  4. Tyki

    Old jump

    About guild town, we just have to right click on NPC to get closer to the npc, or use moving click mouse. I also miss this old jump
  5. Hi, I don't really get the point of the setting "Self-Damage". It displays or not our damage by numbers dealt but in my case I would see only my damage dealt, not other players damage dealt. I don't know if it is possible or not to put it in settings but this would be more logic to see only our damage dealt on other players, and being still able to see our damage taken by other players. Tyki.
  6. I totally agree, + I would say we should not allow the Mount in arena, I mean it's a battle arena why are mounts allowed here ? The arena is small enough to walk to the other side of the map quickly.
  7. Hi, on aeria server, hit across the wall in 10vs10 arena is not allowed. I think it shouldn't be allowed here too, it's really abusive, Magicians can easily just snow storm on the wall and hit behind the wall (some other classes can too, just take a bow for example). Of course, I made a short video to show how it is. (Please Sadir, note that I have nothing against you and it is not a report or so, it's just to show how abusive it is and you were in the good place at the good moment) Tyki Link :
  8. I confirm that some other players have this problem too. I did once and some friend too. Tyki.
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