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  1. Hi ! Mysterious Potter Round Readers (Legendary) Delicate Alpaca Bandage (Legandary) Dew Lazurite Wings (Legandary) Poison Needle (Legandary) ✔️Gem Altar 05/16/19 Mysterious Tip of the Hat Fedora (Legendary) Mysterious Faux Pipe (Legandary) Visionary Light Shield (Gold) Robust Zephyrine Robust Hebe Thx
  2. Hello - Ice Queen Hairdo Box 01/17/19 - Mysterious Chrismas Fur Dress (Legendary) Added to Crystal Altar 12/22/18 Thx
  3. Hello, christmas is coming! I would like to find in the boxes or altar: - Mysterious Christmas Fur Dress (Legendary) - Legendary Candy Christmas Stocking - Hand-Deyd Christmas Reindeer Antlers (Legendary) All Added on Altar 12/22/18 Thx !
  4. Hello Suggestion for altar or mysterious box : Lavarlord Axe (Legendary) Ornate cross pendant (Legendary) Angel wing rapier (Legendary) Mysterious desert rose dress (Legendary) Apocalypse demon cross (Legendary) Dawn frost silver cross (Legendary) Mysterious royal floret hairpin (Legendary)
  5. Hello, Suggestion for Altar : Thanks ☺️
  6. Hello, Mysterious Bunny Jacket (Legendary) Tedde Bare (Legendary) Gold Lifesaber (Legendary) Mysterious Solft Kitty Nightie (Legendary) Thx
  7. HI, my suggestion for the Crystal Altar or Mysterious Box  Thx !Body : Mysterious Bunny Jacket (legendary) Charmed Exorcist Gown (Legendary) Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Legendary) Mysterious Soft Kitty Nightie (Legendary)Weapons :Tedde Bare (Legendary)Head :Mysterious Whistle (Legendary) Secret Treasure Hand-Deyd hair Bow Cuckoo for Coconut Chocolat (Legendary) ? Delicate Alpaca bandage (Legendary) Mounts : Pudding Bunny (Legendary)