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  1. I already understand what you guys are saying. Is it possible my request could be considered? Could this be brought to the person/persons responsible for making changes attention? At least I think you guys are on a team and effectively communicate with each other. Am I wrong?
  2. I have a repeatable quest for a BG at lvl 20 that cannot be completed at lvl 30 -39 and cannot be completed in the same BG. I was wondering if there was a way or if a way could be created to delete repeatable quests placed on hold or some function like that. Maybe something to manage quests more effectively so they don't clog or hang around forever.
  3. I was just worried that if I had the option to mix and match Ults or have 2 of the same then I may need to start some characters over because of the element of the skill being permanent once aquired. After play testing I found that if you try to learn the same ult twice in a row you get "[Alert] This hyperchip has already been activated" and this item stays in your inventory unusable. This is a waste of resources. So it is true that nothing needs to be changed or fixed but it sounds that I had a hard time getting any answers. Also, kudos to Zincite for explaining ults in detail while in game. So, if anyone else was interested here is your answer.
  4. Please allow someone else to reply. You are bad at this.
  5. There is a very good reason to change this! If you do not like the skill you chose then you have to start your character all over again from scratch. How is this not a reason. Unless you guys are unable to work with the code to fix this or some real reason please let me know. Just know I will be talking to a lot of people about this matter. Not just you. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for stating the obvious. however, you could have just said "no, there is no way of making a change once you use an ultimate skill. It is permanent!" Can this be changed in a future update or maintenance?
  7. How do I remove an Ultimate Skill from the K menu? I would like to move them around my inventory or at the very least be able to remove one that I do not like. Thank you.
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