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  1. Hopefully I didn't miss it anywhere on the forums but couldn't find something similar. Everything works fine until i enter a channel and end up in the character select screen. After about 1s the game freezes entirely (music still playing in the background) and even after waiting some 10 minutes nothing changes. Thank you in advance. Edit: Nevermind then, apparently I tried again a few hours later after doing nothing new and now it works. Sorry for the problem.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the information, didn't know about the free mount and it makes moving around a lot easier. o/ Thanks, am having a blast so far. o/
  3. Hello there everyone, just recently checked up on Eden Eternal to see if it was still running and saw recommendations to the Vendetta server instead of the main by quite a few people so I decided to hop on and see what's up with Eden Eternal now. Played for the entirety of the closed beta, had a blast, and even played a bit more with the release game but other stuff came up at the time and i sort of just forgot about the game ? Hope things go well.