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  1. I think it happens with every weapon, If this is intentional I think its to balance the damage, its something kinda random
  2. Have you tried reinstalling or verifying the game?
  3. Look at it on the internet, It's hard to explain
  4. First of all, It's allowed to play with more than 3 accounts at the same time but only for buff, If you are caught Using more than 2 accounts On raid or Alt abuse on Fc You will be punished About the lag problem, Well just try to give Nostale High priority Or close the Windows When you finish buffing
  5. Well It's simple, You have a Chest with a Certain Reward, You need to give 150 vgn to get the item, And if you have luck you get it at first
  6. They are people that enjoys killing, If you can't fight them Then just join them
  7. This people earned what they have bro, they just killing for fun
  8. Just wanted to ask about nostale, Are you still looking for Gs or it's closed?