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  1. Would be nice to know you class, but Main weapon: most important S-dmg (13%+) and Enhanced dmg (~100+), other good effects are crit dmg/ crit Change but they are not necessary in most cases but nice to have, if you warn to farm a6.1 %dmg to evil is strong as well The secondary weapon should be all about Stats. Allstat if you got atk and Element stat on one of your weapons or at least Atk and Element stat on your secondary weapon.
  2. But he also said he's gonna wait till official nos changes and if you know the gameforge you know it wont be this year^^
  3. Hey, I asked a Lot of People- even raidleader but noone could answer my question. Why shouldnt you take pets into laurena Raid, not even Fibi for attack boost ? Which abilities get mirrored by laurenas besser? F.e Saders holy bolt doesnt Deal dmg to all player
  4. They already have clvl 70 dont they? Does anyone know if @Bash can get Updates( like he did with 6.2) directly from Korea or just from official nos?
  5. K ty thought its maybe forbidden cause its some abuse cause cause thats Not the way ic is meant to be^^
  6. Hey guys, Short and simple question: Is it allowed to do solo ic with 2 or 3 alts? And is it even possible or does something like an alt check exist there ?
  7. Can someone pls give me the stats of the shadow Stone r7 and r8? Also does anyone know the Chance to upgrade a major Trophy to r7/8 and is it worth it or Not? Edit: damn should've been in General discussion not in suggestions- my bad
  8. Dont know if ask me or @SwordiDe ^^ Just wanted to ask if multiclient is something you're planing to bann?
  9. @Bash like which third Party Programm? Is nostale multiclient allowed ?
  10. As far as i unterstood the end of the Event should have been patched at thursday together with some bug fixes (laurena Accessoire, etc..). First it was moved to friday then bash said in any Post (dont remember which topic) that he didnt Test the Patch enough. This weekend we even had some Server troubles which bash had to take care of so maybe the Patch doesnt come this week but noone except bash knows ^^ I personally hope we get the patch (mainly cause of event drop) this thursday.
  11. Do you Switch channels after you Killed all mobbs or do you wait for respwan? Switching channels should be way faster:) I wish you good luck
  12. Did you try farming on different Channels? Yesterday i also got the feeling that some Channels have different droprates... I did on hour Act 6.1 in Channel 5(not sure) and got 15 blue souls, then i switched to ch1 and got back to 60 souls per hour. Dont know if something got changed about sp3 droprates with the 6.2 Patch but i remember getting 2 draws every Time i clear zur whole dungeon... sp3 could be done in 4-5 hours easily
  13. 1.First of all its important to fix all the Bugs which came with a6.2 (f.e. laurena jewelry not working) 2.Then i would like to see changes (as said already for the 45-50 eq(also hat, mask, resistance) cause they are pretty much useless or not worth the Change:) 3.I would like to see more custom made dailie quests that take longer to fullfill (f.e Hunt Act 2,3,4,5 mobbs and collect items or something else like doing cuby, ginseng, dc Raids) with new rewards like sp/ equip uprolles which you dont need Gold or mats for (untradeable to make it unabusable, not to much- like 1 for eq and
  14. Read again Mate: didnt say leech is useless - It doesnt matter if you have 100 Atk or 100 ele if you use leech cause the ressi down and the 50% critchance is the same - both means you oneshot the mobbs Yeah Element points are % but they have 100% resistance (80% cause c25 bow has 20% des down) - that means you just *use* 20% of the points you get by skillpoints in Element
  15. Down is irrelevant for act 6 cause you you kill everything while elementar leech - doesnt matter if 100 Atk or Ele The Point where it matters is when elemental leech is on CD an then Atk is better cause Akt6.1 Mobbs have 100% Ressi + as Decathlon said: points in atk also increase the elemental dmg
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