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  1. these are my eq help me what should i do for more dmg ? additionally im gonna get steampunk weapon. What should i do ?
  2. no bro there was a problem with the updates. For instance, in a game (L*L) when I used lowest settings I got 25 fps but I got the same fps value with highest settings too. Also, I did it before so there was definitely something fishy. But thanks for instant help ❤️ [btw I get 110fps with hd530 in a certain game (highest settings) so I think its a good GPU(or whatever its name is)]
  3. I have been using intel i7-6700k + rx570 but I removed rx570 for 3 days for some reason. Now I use my processor's intel hd530 but I have a problem. When I did this before, I haven't encountered any problems while playing. but now, Nostale has 80% or higher GPU usage and fps is a bit low (like when I'm in a raid or in town, fps drops massively). What should I do? I always keep my drivers up to date and the core's temp is 30 °C. Hd530 should be enough for Nostale so what's wrong please help! EDIT: Ok I fixed the problem. To do that, I: Reset pc: didn't work update drivers: didn't work update windows: didn't work use antivirus: didn't work hit the computer with a fist: didn't work same thing but with foot: didn't work check out core temp: 30C so nothing to do use booster: didn't work update drivers MANUALLY: worked! ( so don't trust auto updates...