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  1. Azna

    add act 6 books to a shop

    Or why not just limit it to 2 per IP just like raid boxes?
  2. Azna

    Fernon seals

    The issue that we mostly face is that, even if there are 100 players in caligor, that's not enough for 5 good teams to do 1h of the raid.
  3. Azna

    Fernon seals

    I've long thought of this, and fernon raid seals are actually becoming an issue, so I suggest either putting them in bash npc, or in Fernon raid box, as there are never enough of them.. Would accept better suggestions regarding this issue too.
  4. Azna

    C 45 Weapons price

    I rarely go arena anymore, and I do not count time, I've had hours where out of 20-ish boxes I get 10 crystal of balance and no eq ^^, if you want to maximize your dmg however, you need to spend a lot of gold on fps
  5. Azna

    C 45 Weapons price

    This sounds to me like the guy who got 2 zenas gloves in 1 hour of zenas, Let's hype it, zenas gives you 500-600kk per hour if you think of it this way..? but oh wait, you can do zenas every day, whereas fernon is 3 days of the week, on scheduled times, which could not suit everyone,oh and I almost forgot, fernon is not afk only raid like zenas XD. Just because you got lucky once, doesn't mean this happens every hour, I've been having weeks where I didn't get any bow,wand or mask (still never got the shoe), So, set price around 30-40kk seems fair to me. I don't know if you've had it with your 2 hours of fernon, but sometimes you actually lose more than you earn xD.
  6. Azna

    Make Fernon Great Again

    It can't but let him search 100 pages of champion equipment .. ^^,
  7. Azna

    Make Fernon Great Again

    show me one shell with 35% res reduce please
  8. Azna

    Some suggestions for rainbow battle

    I suggest making side crystals 2 points, and middle 3. So if you have 2 side, you have more than mid, Which is obvious. 2>1
  9. Azna

    Erenia + Zenas seals

    The suggestion is quite simple, yet one that many would love. Just add erenia/zenas seals to BASH npc just like Laurena seals. Bash could name the price.
  10. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Accessible means able to be accessed/obtained/reached , with other words easier to get. You think if the fairy gives u even 20% dmg (it's 15% now) people will rush to use 5kkk on it? Even if they were to do that, There are no essences at all, Cuz no one does FC raids.
  11. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Ranger is not viable after the crossbow buff, which was huge. However, My point is, no class is all about one fairy. Of course there are players who would only care about one sp, (mainly pvp only players). But all in all, even if your point is correct, and the other two classes need more fairies, isn't the easier solution to make the fairy more accessible?
  12. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    The only sp you can't win with warrior is seer to be honest.. Seer can lose to gladiator though.
  13. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    You're mage and you're okay with one fairy? I use 3 element sps most of the time, I believe you too as a swordsman, in your way of thinking you can only focus on warrior, since warrior beats pretty much everything , with small exceptions, though gladiator can clear those exceptions.
  14. They're probably testing on the same target, which means their "opponent" has the same equipment, however, I suggest reading the damage formula which was posted somewhere there.. It's a little complicated, but it is the only real way to answer your question.
  15. Azna

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Venus Princess Eliza Fibi Frosty