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  1. Yes you get 2 speed but you lose onyx which appears ridiculously often in pve, so I think it's a fair exchange. people with a lot of dmg may as well use those wings.
  2. I have 190 res without the wings, so nerf fernon or what ? Lul Pretty balanced wings, you lose a lot by not using onyx. -1 for the suggestion
  3. Azna

    A 2nd Server

    The community is not big enough to split into 2, Further more than it's not "impossible" catch up if you're experienced player. Even then if there's a second server, who do you think would go there? The people who worked hard for 2 years?
  4. Did you expect a reply like " It will be added tomorrow, as you wished, Sir DarkAngel" ? You do realize that creating/balancing SPs does not happen in a matter of minutes. Also what happened in beginning of may slowed down the process. And obviously, that's not the only thing that is being worked on.
  5. Azna


    Totally agreed (not)!!!!!! Bash must ask every individual on the server before he does anything!!!! Especially the geniuses who cry on the forums about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. As always a Graduate family member can't do simple maths and realize that 80% + 20% equals 100%. However, If people are "constantly buying them" Then they're still worth it, and I see no issue there.
  7. If mobbing is my preference on making gold, why isn't buying boxes your preference? Then you may as well just do the raids yourself? Find yourself a Fernon team (you actually get more manes and claws from there)? Second of all, You do realize that the box price will drop itself if it's not "benefiting" / creating huge loss to the ones who open
  8. If the prices are as high as you're saying then: 1. Don't buy and raid by yourself. 2. Farm unknown land? However, I think the issue with the price change was more in mobbing, since it wasn't really rewarding compared to raids with 2 characters. Now if you do the changes mentioned above, it'd be even worse ratio, and no one would actually mob.
  9. I don't see it being necessary to have them in the NPC, I think some increased rates would be fine.
  10. How about to just lift the quests requirement for 99+50 characters? (It takes way longer to get c50 than quests to 55 anyway)
  11. Nothing you can improve, No matter what you do , full buffed scouts will one hit you. On the res question. Either S res armor, or fernon res.
  12. Some debuffs support the team, not just yourself, that's how I see it.
  13. Or why not just limit it to 2 per IP just like raid boxes?
  14. Azna

    Fernon seals

    The issue that we mostly face is that, even if there are 100 players in caligor, that's not enough for 5 good teams to do 1h of the raid.
  15. Azna

    Fernon seals

    I've long thought of this, and fernon raid seals are actually becoming an issue, so I suggest either putting them in bash npc, or in Fernon raid box, as there are never enough of them.. Would accept better suggestions regarding this issue too.