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  1. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Accessible means able to be accessed/obtained/reached , with other words easier to get. You think if the fairy gives u even 20% dmg (it's 15% now) people will rush to use 5kkk on it? Even if they were to do that, There are no essences at all, Cuz no one does FC raids.
  2. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Ranger is not viable after the crossbow buff, which was huge. However, My point is, no class is all about one fairy. Of course there are players who would only care about one sp, (mainly pvp only players). But all in all, even if your point is correct, and the other two classes need more fairies, isn't the easier solution to make the fairy more accessible?
  3. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    The only sp you can't win with warrior is seer to be honest.. Seer can lose to gladiator though.
  4. Azna

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    You're mage and you're okay with one fairy? I use 3 element sps most of the time, I believe you too as a swordsman, in your way of thinking you can only focus on warrior, since warrior beats pretty much everything , with small exceptions, though gladiator can clear those exceptions.
  5. They're probably testing on the same target, which means their "opponent" has the same equipment, however, I suggest reading the damage formula which was posted somewhere there.. It's a little complicated, but it is the only real way to answer your question.
  6. Azna

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Venus Princess Eliza Fibi Frosty
  7. Azna

    PvE trophy (Peaceful Hourglass)

    I do know,that's how it writes in the description. However, I asked bash since he's written the code ^^, He said he will give it a look when he has some free time. PS: May as well check for the PVE skin, Bash ! Much appreciated ^^,
  8. This is mainly a question to Bash, so the rest may even not answer. So the question is, is the trophy set to player lvl > Monster lvl or player lvl >= Monster lvl. Thanks in advance.
  9. Azna

    Caligor times

    Would some GS/GM give us the actual caligor times, since I see that it's on at 3:00 pm?
  10. Azna

    Search by price in NosBazar

    People list cuby raidboxes for 2kk (erenia box price) just to trick you into buying. I don't think that solves the problem.