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  1. well, if u read the updates in forum then u wouldnt have this problem. it was stated that the trade limit would come back today so, its ur fault for not getting the information read the patch note this are all informations u need
  2. no, only for you, smh. Servers are offline since Saturday.
  3. aqua bushtail costume set groovy costume backpack Adv/Partner/ Pet basket unlimited
  4. u could give a random non tradable "event" pet as reward such as fat pigeon or cuby ?
  5. i think u are all smart enough to look at a watch, just be there on time....
  6. Adventurers Backpack/Partner Backpack/Pet Basket unlimited
  7. +1 because this skill is a contradiction in itself, why would i want a monster run away when i debuff it ? it already bugged me at the official server. just change or remove that 2nd "debuff". BUT; a big BUT: lower levels or "not so op people" would maybe not like this, because in some cases this run away debuff can save ur ass
  8. First of all u should get EQ with enough SLs to skill your wk 100 Atk and 70/80 Ele, you should get S- % to Damage, enh dmg + crit dmg would be ideal but if its out of ur budget then, leave crit dmg out, or go for S%Dmg + Crit dmg. Get a Laurena Hat, and Maru S- Buff. best maps should be Hr1/2
  10. Jennifers Hat Frosty/Fiery Wings Old Nostale masks / Dragon or Black Panther costume welp, new rotation would be soon so...., thats my idea
  11. Belly Dancer Jennifer Partner Some random Pet