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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will look into that.
  2. I'M, not a big MMO pvp fan. I understand the game wants us to get a taste for how pvp is. But I really wish that pvp quest could be optional and have a way of abandoning them. Because when I log in no one ever ques up for them. And I like to have a clean quest log.
  3. How do I get the item I bought? The account says it was sent.
  4. OK, ingame I open a crystal and got something that looks like an H and told me to go to the website and claim prize. So how do I do this?
  5. Ok, so this gear grows with you until level 30. So should I keep using it even though I'm level 25 and green gear drops tooltip says it is recommended to wear the green?
  6. OK so when i tried to buy Al paca points it tells me error you don't have enough VGN points. How do i get VGN points then?
  7. OK i figured it out i think. There are 3 parts and you can only dye one at a time right?
  8. If i wanted to buy AP how would i do it for this game and not the other one?
  9. So its for costumes them? OK so when i open the dye window it shows the costume right? If so non of the dyes work. I pick the colors but nothing changes.
  10. Do dyes only work with certain gear? I have legacy gear that lvl's up to 30 with you. Does dye work on this gear? I know you can't upgrade it but didn't think it meant dyes too
  11. So sad What are the gem and crystal altars?
  12. OK when you are creating your character on the upper left side are fashion items. Are they part of the creation? Because i really wanted the glasses that are there and i don't know how to get them. I chose them at creation and they looked so good on my character. How do i get them? I didn't see them in the item mall either. I made a human character too. Thank you