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  1. Lili

    Glyph awak

    I already have the 5 bears and materials but it is a joke to have to change every time of bear and be passing the specific materials to each bear, so I said that I put everything in a single bear and not have to be every time changing character to pass the glyphs.
  2. Lili

    Glyph awak

    Put a new system of glyphs because the current one is shit.. I have 12 attempts to get 1 glyph that I occupy, and give me one that I do not need... And it's a great expense of materials... Put the glyphs separately and no in packets of 2 and that the glyphs are all in a single bear because it is already disgusting to create 8 characters to make a group of glyphs and is a lot and it is a crab to be passing the bear materials in bear... Make a new glyph system, the current one is not practical.
  3. Lili

    New Altar

    New mounts on the altar that are already very repeated