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  1. Lili

    Solt Trade

    I would like the slots of trade 8 to increase, they are very few and it bothers me a lot to be giving the trade every time when I want to pass the materials and that when passing the materials that is with a left click too and not having to drag the item, with 20 slots It would be perfect to pass all the mattes at once
  2. Lili

    Name change

    Ohh, if that's what I wanted to know, thank you
  3. Lili

    Name change

    I would like that, when changing the name, that person will be removed from the other users
  4. Lili

    Glyph awak

    I already have the 5 bears and materials but it is a joke to have to change every time of bear and be passing the specific materials to each bear, so I said that I put everything in a single bear and not have to be every time changing character to pass the glyphs.
  5. Lili

    Glyph awak

    Put a new system of glyphs because the current one is shit.. I have 12 attempts to get 1 glyph that I occupy, and give me one that I do not need... And it's a great expense of materials... Put the glyphs separately and no in packets of 2 and that the glyphs are all in a single bear because it is already disgusting to create 8 characters to make a group of glyphs and is a lot and it is a crab to be passing the bear materials in bear... Make a new glyph system, the current one is not practical.
  6. Lili

    New Altar

    New mounts on the altar that are already very repeated