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  1. Hey everyone. I've come to see how the game is doing here. I've played Eden Eternal for a long time, and I also have a very long and close history with Aeria. I've never really had a problem with 'p2w' as some others who might have come here, as even being poor i was still able to crawl pretty high. But more a problem with their lack of transparency, and general lack care of their products. After the tragedy of their Twin Saga release, my optimism has kind of run out with them. More about myself You can call me Fatty. I like languages, my native tongue being English. The only other language i know a good bit of is Mandarin. Which comes in handy for playing foreign game servers. I can speak small bits of others, but not really well enough that I'd feel comfortable doing much with. Favorite mmo is Mabinogi. Favorite music genres are probably Rock and Metal. Favorite sport is any martial arts, I took Taekwondo when I was younger. I also have a cat who likes to pour drinks over.