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  1. sent him a email, and also that report isnt from a nostale server. it was from a metin2 forum where u can download all metin2 related stuff, as source/client and so on.
  2. He isnt listed, you can write him per email. If the email doesnt exist you get a text back, but he writes with you. But ye your right, i dont know all of the employee from GameForge, dunno why u know them all.
  3. dunno if they do the same thing with nostale, they just sent complaints to hosters, they dont shut down the servers Only happend with webservers with Cloudflare, the others dont give a shit Btw. Metin2 Pserver also got claimed to shut down since beginning, after more than 6 years they really start to do it
  4. Same happens with Metin2, GameForge closed more than 20 Servers. From small servers with ~200-400 Players to servers with more than 2.000 Players. 3 friends of mine also got a charge from GameForge, because of Pserver hosting. Just dont sit in the EU and u will be fine.
  5. You can change everything with the Source, it may not be easy but its possible. I have done that in another game, it just takes time and much testing.
  6. the first who asked u about helping him with A6 is the person, that "whisper dialog" from [GM Bash] is just perfect written by him that it seems to be Bash himself. (my theory dont know if its right, im not activ, no one whispered me something like this) my english is also bad
  7. Or remove the limit with champlevel 30, i would level them up to +30 but that questline shit no sry
  8. I dont waste 12 hours for 4 alts, i can wait until its removed
  9. Bash fcked us all with that shit, since the trade limit is in the game i didnt played much (about 1h). Who wants to waste ~3 hours by doing nonsense quest and also the restriction is a punch in the face for beginners. Hopefully one day he remove this shit, the server was great before this patch. Not everybody can waste their time for bullshit, we want to achieve something and not wasting 3hours of freetime for none progress.
  10. i mean the trade restricitons for new chars without the achievment of completing act1 and the rep limit
  11. Save the HWID/Mac adress by connecting to the server, with this method u can easily find all accounts of the gold reseller. If he/she dont know how to change it. With this method u dont have to punish all players.
  12. Yesterday I noticed that the warehouse on the itemshop is not tradeable, so I have to pay für VGN to get one. Can't we make it tradeable so non payer can get one?
  13. for sure it will probably cost a lot of effort, but it would be a nice feature @Bash
  14. i dont know the source of nostale, but i think it is possible. Gold limit is also above 2kkk, so there have to be a chance to increase it. Only know the source of Metin2, which is written in C++. There you have for any system other values which u can increase, like changing gold from int to longlong etc. If there would be a source of Nostale public, i would have shown into it, but there are just emulations of it.