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  1. Yeah some Minutes .... i Farmer for 15 Blue herbs around 6 and a half hour Patience??? Fck this stupid retarded System man and this es only for my lvl 98 Main chr. so that i can trade dont get it why i need to do this with a Char that existed Long before this shit system came out..... Typ Form wasting my Time on useless questing for that didnt joined a p server
  2. Hey Guys So im questing with my low because of this System that u can´t trade buy or whatever when ur under lv 83 or 1kk rep or doesnt have the a1 quest done. Farming for like 4 hour´s now and only have 6/15 blue herb together i mean no Problem i have some good angel wings now, but when i only wanna do the quest so i can continue doing pts i would love if quest items like Blue Herb, Cereal grains or what ever u Need in the act 1 quest´s to Maybe put it in the Quest item NPC, i dont care if it cost´s 10k or more bc normally when u do the Instant Combat u should have the Money for that. Yeah im sick of farming and i still Need buff char´s for a6 so u can imagine that i Need to do this 2 more times and i dont rly wanna waste 4 Hours again just to farm 15 pieces of blue herb. Greetings Quezeel
  3. Hello @Pandemonia Wanted to ask what´s the drowsing bug for cuby seal ? I Try to figured it out myself since half an hour now but im stuck and Always Group and leaving it´s disgusting ^^ Greetings Quezeel