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  1. Sorry to say that but but wiping stones as a steps is bad solution and it’s effect me as Ap buyer I don’t sell any dam stones I buy it to use it alll with my golds, the best suggestion is to increase the landing rate on stones or put 10% stones on altar first and second raw and upper altar put stone 50% succes rate this will drop the prices for sure you can play with altar rate as you want.. thanks
  2. Good day GM’s.. I would to suggestion having mystery box with rare pet, rare mount, , rare costumes primes or golds if it’s will be in this server and stones with high success rate we need more motive stuff to spend money in this server cuz sadly I don’t have time to grind like others I have Work and please if you don’t mind increase the altar rate cuz srs I used a lot of EC’s got few good stuff and so few stones.. With My Regards... Nurse.Jewel❤️
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