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  1. Grind Pts if you are patient enough to do the act 1 quests until ts 55, farm 1kk reputation and get lvl 83 with all three chars, farming angels wings in act 3, farming ice flowers and ice cubes in act 4, raid marathons gives good money if you sell the chests. When you are able to farm act 6 just farm until your brain melt, get rich and throw a shitload of gold on teodor for betting equipment :'D.
  2. Yes betting is kinda frustrating but the game would be boring af if they push the rates higher for R7/8. I know enough people who spend 1-3 hours per day in vendetta (and not a single cent in vgn points) and got easy in 3-4 months lvl 99+50 and decent pve equipment to spam raids or farm even more money in act 6.1/6.2 and 3-4 months is not much time for a mmorpg. If you dont have the time for a mmorpg to get decent pve/pvp equipment then maybe its the wrong game genre for you. And sry but nobody need to spend hundert of dollars in VGN to achieve some decent stuff. In austria we say "Von nix kummt nix".