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  1. Yes betting is kinda frustrating but the game would be boring af if they push the rates higher for R7/8. I know enough people who spend 1-3 hours per day in vendetta (and not a single cent in vgn points) and got easy in 3-4 months lvl 99+50 and decent pve equipment to spam raids or farm even more money in act 6.1/6.2 and 3-4 months is not much time for a mmorpg. If you dont have the time for a mmorpg to get decent pve/pvp equipment then maybe its the wrong game genre for you. And sry but nobody need to spend hundert of dollars in VGN to achieve some decent stuff. In austria we say "Von nix kummt nix".
  2. Don't forget the one and only god... Pls give Jajamaru 2 more skills. Just watch some naruto and get some inspiration :'D.
  3. Giruga

    Normal +30 EXP

    Disagree. 1 Month after release you can easy hit Clvl 50 when you play 1-2 hours per day.
  4. I cant believe it... the 45 crossbow got a soft crit... im crying xD. Finally no stupid search for a 72 crossbow or a shell <(°o°< ) 2kkk for each piece to upgrade is fine i think . I get round about 30 kk per hour in 6.1 as swordy when i just play 1 hour per day, i can easy make 900 kk in 1 single month with no effort. And who the hell cry about lvling ? lol I farm now for 1 week, each day 2-3 hours and im now clvl 40 and in my opinion its a little bit to much exp.