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  1. I dont expect the world i just expect something useful? Its a "legendary" event reward and at this moment it only works in act 1 2 or 3 maybe 5 but nobody farm there at this moment it is useless and even a nivis with 5% malus defence is more useful in this point. I dont want double drops per hour in act 6 i just want to know for what its useable atm?
  2. Why you add this pet then as fantastic legendary reward in your custom event if you not even know by urself where its useful? Wth? Isnt it possible to change that it works in all areas ?
  3. but for what it should be useful then? Most people only farm in act 6 and if it not work there for what it can be used for ? Maybe for quest items act 1 to 3 ?
  4. Does someone notice a difference in drops with this new rat ? The buff says there is a 5% chance to drop an item twice no? I lured 3 hours 6.1 and 6.2 and also tested single kills saw no difference or double drops and does it work in fc at claws/manes? Any experiences with this pet ? For me seems like it doesnt work ?
  5. You talk about green nos and people who sweated for 200kk? Wtf bro we are on vendetta you can ask some frozen crown people how they sweated for 200kk by killing only buffchars and you said "like it were nothing", correctly bro actually 200kk is really nothing, nothing to spend time for, nothing for any use, nothing in having any reason to get, cause you still have red elite, nothing nothing and again nothing... the actual rep system it's a complete fail People like me and people who want to care about rankings or the look of their char/icon want legend icons or the crown there are not only people who like a boring lvl 80 green nos imagine and it would make frozen crown more atractive since you cant even farm your own chars for getting rep. Of course there must come some other things withit for example : you get only rep AND POINTS by killing an 99+30+ char in frozen crown or something like that cause at this moment there is complete no reason to go frozen crown and having and i feel like a 93+0 lvl with red elite thats just boring i would prefer no icon insted of seeing red elite any longer, then add an option to block the icons like speakers or costume hats
  6. Since when is 200kk rep an atractive goal when it's still red elite icon and absolute no use? +1 There must come new icon's and "everyone would reach legend in 1 week" is a really bad argument, everyone reach red elite already in 1 week cause like it's said the problem is the high amount of rep we get. Turn down the rep amount, reset all rep and add new icon's... red elite it's a joke A change in rep system would motivate many people cause the goal isnt the amount of rep, it's the icon what people want @Bash please, we need a change... we are tired of red elite
  7. why ridiculous? it was already before possible for mages/swords to get 190% overall resistances now archers can have nice resistance too but are forced to wear ugly wings and miss the OP Onyx wings its fair in my eyes
  8. -1 imo its balanced effect, there are not many who got or USE the rainbow troph and it's a good chancce for archers to push resistances why should archers be forced to buy S-resistance armours for 100kk weapons that drain 31 resistance(+ eq reduce+ shadow gem) and do more damagge on S-Overall defens than 6kkk weapons?
  9. since everyone is red elite it's just a boring Icon.. what do you guys think about new rep. Icons? i think they are not that hard to create