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  1. I notice head gears legendary rarely come out please put on altar Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary) Mysterious Heart Sticker (Legendary) Halo (Legendary) Mysterious Daemon Horns (Legendary) I appreciate it, thank you!
  2. Crystal Altar Ghost Horn Legendary (as requested by many in the game) XD
  3. Ivory Starlight Luna Rock❤️ Thank you Silver Moon Goddess Star Stone ❤️ Thank you please, thank you!
  4. Dear, Here my suggest, that I would love to have auto reset dungeon as soon as everyone leaves the dungeon. Since the entries is so limited, there's huge chance (happens several times to me) that we forgot to manually reset the dungeon and went inside with nothing, wasted entries and had to wait for server reset. Of course it might be pros and cons consider to this suggestion. But honestly, it would help a bunch for me at least. Thank you!
  5. Anything Devil Angel theme? Please pardon me with long wish list XD Body Gears Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary) ❤️ Mysterious Wedding Grown (Legendary) ❤️ Mysterious Courtier Gentry Suit (Legendary) Back Gears Ink Jet Wings (Legendary) ❤️TQVM! Sunset Blaze Wings (Legendary) ❤️ Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary) Custom Holy Flames Uriel's Wings == WHITE with blue aura. I requested in Item suggestion XD (Legendary) Head Gears Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary) ❤️ Mysterious Heart Sticker (Legendary) ❤️ Mysterious Suave Inccubus Wings (Legendary) ❤️ Halo (Legendary) & Mysterious Daemon Horns (Legendary) Pets Magic Aflallo Robust Aflallo Fierce Zashiki Warashi ❤️ Other Items Silver Moon Goddess Star stone (7% LCK) ❤️TQVM!! Ivory Starlight Luna Rock (WIS LCK)❤️TQVM!! Thank you very much!