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  1. I had seen something about this bug and I didn't understand it. Maybe that's because I hadn't experienced it myself. I have some friends and family starting to play so I thought it would be good to try and help them get some fast levels. And I had thought about buying some runs for myself to top off some exp and cp. I'm just not that experienced with it and I don't know what to expect in terms of value for the money. A low level player has to hit first in taunt mode, so a Cleric's tornado would be a good option for that. But if the level range is closer, the other player can just AFK in a safe spot on the map while the party leader grinds out the experience? It may not be related, but I'm curious about the Blockade Jewels. Do they have any other effect in a party than blocking a players exp gain? Why would someone want to block their exp? There's a benefit to that or they would be a lot cheaper, lol.
  2. I wonder if someone could help a noobie out and tell me about how party experience share works in the different distribution types. I assume there's a difference in the dynamics of the Random vs. the Taunt type. Are there any issues or rules to be aware of, like how do level differences affect exp gain?
  3. Nice guide, thank you. It may take me a little bit to digest all of it, lol. I had not given much thought to debuffing a target's defense, I've been just playing straight forward ie. hitting harder and faster before I run out of HP = win. I have access to DOS but I'm not terribly successful there yet. I'll toy around with that some and see how it works out.
  4. Sounds like some pretty good advice. As always, yes it is good to have a main character that can make money and farm drops. My main character when I played the original EE a long time ago was a halfkin engineer IGN - TinyStark. Probably never leveled that one past 60 if that high. But I remembered the engineer was fun so I played it again here until around level 75 and started having issues with bosses. Templar turned into a good choice for me to handle the harder hitting stuff and still have some heals. Human def class gets survival scream and that helps a lot, too. I'm not too familiar with BA class I never really played the thief classes much. So I'm not sure what you mean when you say "new shield". It might take a lot of extra work to build up the class right now. After level 75, the CP reqs per level makes for a tough and boring climb to awakening and I'm guessing it's a lot more of the same to level 85, lol. Class certificates are something I can work on. I'm assuming Viroona Vale is the best place for class level gain? Or is there a better option?
  5. I've awakened the Shaman, Engineer and the Templar. Engineer seems to be the best at killing, but I'm not too good at kiting as a style of gameplay. So I'm probably better off with a tankish type class and just taking my time to plow through stuff. I like Templar as a tank/healer combo. I could take a little time and wake up the Berserker, but is there a big enough difference in skill-set and stats to make it better than BloodKnight or Paladin? I'm really a n00b to the awakening thing, lol. Unfortunately, the level 90 TK set can't be fortified, at least not the set I have. On the upside, the 90 TK def stats are roughly the same as orange 88 @ +12.5. That seems pretty good, but I can't do more than one mob at a time in DOS, survivability gets tough with 2 or more. And it isn't too much easier in Viroona Vale depending on the mobs. I could use a better weapon, mine is weak. But it's tricky deciding which to go with. I'm using a level 88 boss mace I got from CCM and I really could do with an upgrade. But I can't seem to find anything I can forge that would really be a lot better at my level (92). maybe this is a good place to start, finding a good weapon I can use. I chose the mace because it was versatile between Shaman and Templar but IDK if that's where I should be right now. I chose a shield for my level 90 weapon gift. Maybe not the smartest move, but it is a kick-ass shield, lol.
  6. I'm the kind of player that gets on when I have time and plays at my own pace. It isn't always convenient to hunt for a party and make the special scheduling arrangement to dedicate the time to doing raids and runs to farm the things I need to gear up. It would be cool if some of these mats were tradeable, but they aren't. So where do I go from here? One guide suggested getting the orange level 88 set and enhancing it to +14. That's not bad but at +14, it isn't that much better than the level 90 TK at +0. So that seems like a lot of work and expense for the value I will get from it. are the awakened gears the only other option or is there something else a solo player can work their way into in order to get strong enough to farm some on my own? Maybe there's a class that could make this easier if I only knew how to play it right? IDK, just looking for some options.