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  1. New version of server released news here: V0.3B -Updated command for !raid now tag only selected group -Add reaction role for every raid u can only click for number and get roles for raid
  2. still need more update for this.. its first day after start Few new update: New format for !raid (e.g.: !raid GaaraSanS26 Ibrahim 3 6/15 Marathon) Add !suggestion command
  3. more pple have muted official discord cause xxx channels and more games and still spam.. if u write on official dc no one reply u...
  4. Hello, I want to introduce you to the first version of discord server for search and announce with raids. For join to discord click to: Join Its first version. Sorry for bugs and any problems with commands still work on better version...
  5. This is only discussion about GF and their behavior
  6. Its only friendly warning GF need more pple from pservers and this is bad step for GF...
  7. Hello all, Yesterday GF start claim Nostale pServers, first 2 servers are closed cuz Gameforge claim licence for nostale(This server based on emulator). Its only warn for this community and for @Bash maybe can try this for VGN Nostale Server...
  8. Hi, when it is planned to run a summer event? Want get Pirate SP
  9. isnt banable i ask few pple from gs...
  10. you don't have to wait only need scout and use glitch for agring boss
  11. Hi i have only one simple question and want know Bash answer. If community make new Content i mean New models, map, etc... Can extend Story line or only increase Max LvL or other?
  12. Here is problem... Only 6-7 pple want go fafnir.. cuz no one want w8 for other pple...
  13. Today at 16:30 cet we try make team for fafnir. What u need? Viking Costume 2 Pets Lower HP its better Than more... Potions And time... Send me ingame note to nick GaaraSanS26
  14. If u want we can try make team today