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  1. I guess its only with the raid list ones (but i never tried it though so I'm not sure).
  2. The only way to def against scout dmgs (playing with hawk eye, attack pot and such) as an archer is scout with the 7k crit dmgs limitation, but anyway a lot of players are playing with lucifer wich make glacernon kinda borring. Though there is an other way wich is to kill everybody first... but thats not really possible.
  3. Ok then there was the misunderstanding, you were talking about commands/ fonctions/ boost wich is something positive by using the word hacks wich is negative. I don't know for others countries but in my country the word "hack" without any other word (in a game) is used when someone else got an access to your acount and stole everything. And the word "hack" with another word like speed (hack) mean that someone used a program to modify the game and got an unlegit boost. So i thought your idea was : a gm, hidding or taking stuff from someone then giving it back after some time.
  4. I'm not referring to past events, I'm just saying that there is not any fun on loosing everything, if your prank was achieved it would bring harm to someone ... come on I have a hard time explaining it as english isn't my main language but I bet you could imagine that if you didn't knew that something was a prank before it happen, you woudn't got a great reaction. I perfectly understand that you think of something like that as unarmfull because the actual stuff of the one pranked wouldn't disappear... but what about the time between the "hack" and the "restitution" ? That's the problem, a hack isn't something "light" at all, loosing everything isn't fun. I don't know how to explain that any better than that so I'll take an exemple. If someone was threathening me In Real Life with a weappon, my reaction wouldn't been any good, I could attack the one with the weappon or I don't know, die from an hearth attack or hurt myself while running away, or show a shamefull attitude that would hurt my mind (is ego available in english ?).... BUT RELAX IT WAS JUST A PRANK. No, just f****** no there are limits, threathening someone isn't a laughing matter, stealing someone isn't a laughing matter, "hack" is a form of stealing, a virtual stealing, but still a stealing, wich is even recognised as real stealing by the law in Korea. If you still don't get it at this point I'm not sure if I can ad anything to explain further...
  5. That's your fault if you don't understand that I'm saying that because that could harm people. Because loosing everything is obviously a big shok. Don't you get it ? Peoples could hurt themself In Real Life or destroy their material from the rage or just be mentaly hurt by the fear of the loss. They could stop the game while seeing everything disappear on them right before everything come back. That's not funny for the one getting pranked and could even bring harm. That's why I said : "This is not a laughing matter". You are probabely someone awfull if you were thinking of laughing of the problems of someone else.
  6. This is not a laughing matter.
  7. Based on more or less 3k base atk and more or less 2k base def that would be 150 atk and 100 ALL def while the actual cost are 100 def in one of the three def, yeah it would be to much (and i won't event talk about the things naxya requested such as +1 speed, res ..), try to fight someone with and without your buff pet if you don't believe thoose stats are op.
  8. I don't think thoose players shall be awarded free op stats then. It would probabely be better being different than the others cost, but not better, something like beach cost effect but way weaker since it already got +2 speed.
  9. If the fernon fairy is way more worth than actualy, everybody gona craft it, then the prices will go crazy, yet 4 billions for a fairy is already a huge invest. (Though there is 4 elements on nostale) If it were to happen the players wich already had the fairy such as yourself would be on a position really hard to catch up with... wouldn't that be injustice ? But is it the purpose of your suggestion ? (I mean bringing unbalance)
  10. Maybe 100 gemstone = accessory from laurena? I think that's a great idea (If I'm not false the only actual purpose is crafting an essence on acte 6... why not making use of it to craft the fairy essences (woondine and else))
  11. I'ld like that, but maybe it would be to easy as you would won them just while doing some level up or gold farming.
  12. I would prefere a title based on the time used for a raid, as for exemple valakus : less than 1min. I don't think doing 100+ giant slade or chicken king would be much fun.
  13. Could some others people give their opinion about that stuff please ? Even if its neutral I would like to know what's your point of view !
  14. Hi, I'm here to talk about thoose passives from book on C levels from boss, such as fairy afinity book. I believe the actual way to get them is not a good one, the respawn of the boss, the low drop rate and the number of players doing them is a problem on my mind. There is almost a monopoly on them, while its such an important feature. The drop rate should be 100% or so, or another way to get them should be implemented, someone came with an idea of a world boss, why not there. I don't believe raid box would be a good option since there is already so much things coming from them, maybe on the bags from lilith and the other npc near boats ? Or made them a craft with like 200 hellord tickets / angel (don't remember the name) ticket. Maybe am I the only one with that opinion because as I said its an important feature... but yet I don't think there should be that kind of monoply, so I would like a way to get thoose passives on my own way and I hope I'm not the only one.