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  1. Thats why I started discuss smth visual or icon for top 10-15 would be fine
  2. Its hard to understand it would be only cosmetic prize like icon, good looking costume nothing more and not for sell
  3. Like i said it would be nice if top10 have chance to get just crown instead red elite ;D
  4. i said to give smth for top 10 players for they spent time
  5. but cosmetic things gives nothing expect good looking so?
  6. Just it would be fine if top 10-20 got some like tittle, item, cosmetic thing, skin because they spent a lot of time at rbb
  7. so like i said for top10 people it would be good
  8. Imo its good because more players tryhard there and it would be nice reward for special people
  9. What about rewards for top 10-25 in Rainbow Battle in Beta season? People spent much time at RBB and it would be fine if these 10-25 people got for example Jennifers leather hat because they all fight for that thing.