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Patch v120


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  • Another wave of skill balancing has been added to the game.
    • For full information on what was changed, please see this here.
    • Because of the nature of these changes, skills will be reset upon logging in.
  • Al Kasava Victory Reward Pack+ and Al Kasava Consolation Pack+ have been updated.
    • Some items contained in it is for the upcoming content patch, so please be sure to keep them!
  • Pet chips were moved to another Julia NPC, located right next to the original
  • DoT Reduction Pet Chip has been added
    • Base version of this chip has been added to the other base pet chip drops
    • Level 1 has been added to the Cash Shop
    • Level 2 can be crafted through Julia
  • Base pet chips can now be obtained from Titan (Caergate) and Devilkin Overlord (Mereholt)
  • The required materials to craft level 2 pet chips have been lowered
  • Battle Incarnate buff now gives +5% Drop Rate, 5% Healing Rate and 500 Void
  • Premium Medallions have been added to the Cash Shop



  • Narak Infant and Black Saint Ajatoss have invaded Mereholt again!
    • Defeat these 2 beasts to obtain special pet skins and costumes!
      • Including the new Pet Skin: Ice Cave Grizzly
  • These 2 bosses will spawn every 2 hours (alternating between each other) on each channel!
  • A Christmas Daily has been added to Mereholt! You can begin the quest line by speaking to Nayan, right outside Winter's Ash! [Coordinates: 5648, 2846]


  • After the Holidays, a new content patch will be finished up and released!
    • Some of the goodies in this patch include:
    • The new 5 level Tartarus Dungeon
      • Each level of the dungeon gets more and more difficult, while the rewards for completeing it get better and better
    • New Mechs/Cyberskins
    • Changes to Battlegrounds, with the main focus being on AK/NB
      • We hope to change them up a bit and breathe some new life into them!
  • Photos and teasers will be coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!




  • A fix for the monsters now respawning/properly dieing when killed has been added.
    • If you continue to have these issues, please note down the skill and rank of the skill and we will look into it.
  • General changes to the drop rate have been made.
    • While it still may not be perfect, it should be a bit better. Please know that drop rates are being worked on and redoing all drop tables in the entire game does take time to complete!
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