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Patch v121


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  • VGN GM


  • 4 new dungeons have been added to the game! Their entrance can be found in Suer!
    • Tartarus Temple Hard Mode (Solo/Party)
    • Tartarus Temple Normal Mode (Solo/Party)
      • These dungeons can be entered with the new Tartarus Cards, which can be obtained from boss drops in Amara and battlegrounds!
      • Each of these dungeons have a chance of dropping much needed items for major mechs!
      • Hard mode of these dungeons is very difficult! Its recommended to ONLY attempt them if you're confident in your build and character. Take the risk, and be very well rewarded with valuable drops in this version of the dungeon!


  • Level 55 Major Mechs and Cyberskins have been added to the game!
    • These can be crafted and made through Conversion NPCs in Amara and Suer
      • These new mechs require materials from Tartarus dungeon to create!
  • AK Life Support and Urka drops have been updated and changed to reflect the new items added with the patch
  • Elite Supply Crate now has a chance of dropping x5 Epoxy Glue
  • All bosses in Amara have been updated and replaced with new bosses!
  • Various mobs have also been updated and replaced in Amara!
  • Mobs in Amara have a very rare chance of dropping jewels and Epoxy Glue!
  • NPCs for Archeron have been added in Amara - they can be found in Neutral Settlement
  • Miniature "Prototype" versions of Asmodeus, Helios, Behemoth, and Cairn will now spawn along with the world bosses and have a chance at dropping jewels (normal and ancient)/crafting materials/achivement essences
  • Pet skins of the following bosses now have a rare chance of dropping when that boss is killed:
    • Titan (4 version)
    • Urka
    • Ankelos
    • Catherine
    • Ayallal
    • Omega Specimen
    • CX-1 Destroyer
  • Safeguard Replicube should now just open rather then go through the slot machine roll
  • Increased the chance of obtaining a Safeguard from the Safeguard replicube from 20% to 35%
  • Reputation cap has been increased to 200,00 each reset
  • 2 new Rank Caps have been added beyond ArchAngel!
  • Another batch of skill changes have been added to the game.
    • You can see the full details of those changes here!


  • HP/SP Crisis Hypovials should no longer share a cooldown with HP/SP Rapid Regen Hypovials
  • Fixed the broken portal in Disgused Ship for one of the factions
  • Hauler Quests in Amara should now detect you when you have the quest
  • Various Skill texts have been updated/changed to make a bit more sense
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  • VGN GM

Just to note as I forgot to mention it with the intial patch notes.

Cyberskins and Mech's tooltips DO NOT update properly with the new stats. You will see stats on cyberskins like 20% attack and so on.

THESE STATS ARE INCORRECT! The actual passive you receive can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xJamTv362qQEkKuuvxxo7gyoC1KNvfhYha7DmUbMzpc/edit#gid=0

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