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Patch v122


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  • VGN GM


We will still have a normal maintenance on Thursday, but I wanted to address some of the bugs today! So please keep in mind this is not a full list.


  • Ancient Jewel Replicubes are now unique
    • This is to stop people from hugging the wall as soon as a hidden chest in Tartarus is cleared and taking all drops.
  • Tartarus Cards are now tradeable
  • Mechanical Shards are now tradeable
  • Mini Kerberoses in Amara are now passive
  • Removed Orenji's Pit of Hell skill.
    • Due to the FPS drops that were reported, this skill was pulled from this boss.
  • The drop rate in all Tartarus dungeons have been adjusted slightly
    • Hard mode Team have a slightly higher chance to drop more jewels
    • Hard mode Team Hidden Chests now have a chance to drop 5-8 Ancient Jewels when killed
  • Both winning and losing factions will now receive a Tartarus Card from Al Kasva and Nuclear Bunker
  • All Battlegrounds should now give a Tartarus Card replicube to either winner or loser



  • A new boss has appeared in Barbiron!
    • This boss has similar drops to Orenji and will appear every 4 hours!



  • Fixed the missing rank skills for Cherubim and Seraphim
  • The skill reset quest for both factions should no longer pop up if you have not completed it.
  • Fixed the positions of the Mechanical Crafter and the Glue Crafter in Amara
    • Both factions should have one of each in bass now
  • Added a fix to the server for the "Incorrect Id or Password" error
    • Should you still receive it after this maintenance, please note down the server time it happened and pass it to myself or another gs!
  • The portal in Lord Damion's room as been moved from the middle of the floor.
    • Its now in the corner, and we are aware it may not work now. For the time being, at least you're not ported mid/beginning of the fight.
  • The portals in the Hidden Boss room (Bloody Chamber) should now allow you to exit after killing Kibo.
    • Please keep in mind. Should you ever be unable to exit the dungeon, please verify your client.
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