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Patch v123


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  • VGN GM



  • Rank Point Cap has been lowered from 200,000 to 100,000
  • A new Tartarus Temple has been added!
    • Those asking for more of a challenge will find it in this dungeon with greater rewards!
    • Additional rewards will be added over time to this dungeon, mixing up its drops and giving more variety for people to fight for!


  • Training Grounds have been added!
    • Enter this through Vera or Laura and battle against various monsters and players to test your builds or just get better!
    • This map allows for cyberskin and duels!
      • Enocia, right near teleportation spawn and Davidson is a good start to find her!


  • Neo Cyclops has been added to the Banana Crafting NPC!
    • Earn this new 48 hour mech with various materials from the Tartarus Dungeon!
      • Only equipable for levels 60+
  • New Ranks have been added:
    • Leviathan * Takes over the original Cherubim
    • Beleth * Takes over the original Seraphim
    • Sephirah
    • Ophanim
    • Cherubim
    • Seraphim
      • Each of these have various increasing Rank Point requirements with increased HP buffs for reaching each requirement!
  • Updated the Icons for the new rank levels
  • 30 Day Premium Medallions should now have the following stats added onto them
    • 1000% EXP Gain
    • 30% Gold Gain
    • 3 Standing CP Regen
    • 1 Combat CP Regen
  • Pet Expansion Slot  can now be found in the Pet Tab of the Item Mall
  • Hero Medals now give 100% Rank gain when used
  • Increased the size of the Level 55 Major Mechs a slight bit
  • Some Major Mech debuff/buff animations have been updated/changed
  • Skill Resets now stacks to 255
  • Anicent Jewelry Expansion Spanner now stacks to 255
  • Mechanical Shards should now be tradeable
  • A new costume set has been added with cute and fun colors based on Japanese Anime!
  • Mereholt Hyperchip has been added!
    • You can obtain these hyperchips from Idel in Enocia!
  • Barbiron Hyperchip has been added!
    • You can obtain these hyperchips from Idel in Enocia!




  • Fixed the new ranks showing the incorrect faction color when entering the map
  • Fixed the incorrect item levels for the new Major Mechs - 55s should now be able to equip it!
  • Reverted the experimental SW Void suit Change back to it's original value
  • Urka's Pet Skin should now be visible


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