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Patch v124


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  • Updated the cost of Jewel Safeguards to 10 Mechanical Shards in the Banana NPC
  • Alpha/Beta/Gamma Hexweaves can now be crafted at the Banana NPC
  • Bad luck orbs can now be destroyed
  • Increased the drop rate of jewel replicubes from normal mobs in Tartarus Temple Challenge mode
  • Aged Chests in Tartarus Temple Challenge mode should now drop 8-10 Ancient Jewels when killed
  • Little Miss Maid costume has been added!
  • Dread Mind Lv. 07+ should now have an AoE Diameter of 10
  • Exctinction Event Lv. 04+ should now have an AoE Diameter of 12




  • Portals in Disguised Ship Team mode have been fixed for Free Knights
  • Fixed the Base CP Hypovial (1000)'s item description
  • Fixed the Hypovial pack from Al Kasava - it should now give L3 hypovials
  • Fixed Ixion's debuff in Tartarus Challenge Mode
  • Repatched in the CB mech fix
  • Wall of Chakras should properly immobilize instead of disable
  • Patched in a few server side fixes to help fix some server errors
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