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Patch v125


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  • Skill stones are now stackable
  • Training Ground Punching Bags should only resist being pulled, allowing for stuns and disables
  • Lingerie Unsealers can now be destroyed
  • Modified the battleground time starts
    • We are aware some may still overlap and we are working on a way of modifying the time intervals to prevent this overlapping.
  • Another wave of point removal in Turnpike has been added
    • If any mobs/npcs still give points please list the NPC/Mob NAME and I'll check into it.
  • Reduced Urka's pull range so he cannot be pulled to a faction's side
  • Name Changes now have a warning that they should not be used by Guild Masters without first passing lead to someone else



  • Painting and Detail NPC has been added to Amara
    • Using Narak Blook or Narak Skin (found in the Item Mall), you can change and style your 55 Major Mech and Cyberskin to old and much requested styles!
  • Current Major 55s now have the name Aurum
  • Level 65 Lingeries have been added to the game
    • These are more powerful then any lingerie you can obtain and have their own set of stats with them!
      • Each class has 3 different types of lingerie they can obtain with 3 different sets of stats on them!
    • These rare drops can be found from:
      • Typhon
      • Dracaenae
      • Urka
      • Abaddon
      • Al Kasava Vanguards


  • The following bosses now have a rare chance to drop Unique Necklaces:
    • Orenji
    • Charon
    • Gorgon
    • Smog
  • Updated Vanguards drops to better match the 60+ cap
  • Smog now has a chance of dropping Unique Laser Scanners and Legendary Passcards
  • Kerberos and the Amara Prototype bosses now have a chance to drop Legendary Passcards
  • Medal of Distinction and Medal of Recognition is now rare grade.




  • Broken Helmets and Toolboxes now drop from monsters and guards in Turnpike, Janus, Al Kasava.
    • These 2 items can be used at the Banana NPC to get an Exclusive Bike!
  • Battalion Medal has been added to the game! Farm this from 60+ Dungeons and battlegrounds.
    • These medals can be used in a similar way as Team Medals are!
    • *Note: When not enough medals are present, it will say "Not Enough Silver Medals" - this is known and cannot be changed, so it is NOT a bug.



  • A large array of *P* items have been added to R.O.S.E in Amara:
    • CP Hypovial (1000) *P*
    • Passcard Pack *P*
    • HP Crisis Hypovial Lv. 60 *P*
    • SP Crisis Hypovial Lv. 60 *P*
    • Pet Energy Drink Lv. 60 *P* - Restores 33% Energy
    • Cybercluster L60 *P*
    • Cybercluster II L60 *P*
    • Nerve Control Agent *Buff duration of this item only is 10 minutes
    • Golden Chrono Buff
    • EXP Boosters (NT)
    • Skill Reset (NT)
    • Base Emerald and Crimson Steels
    • Gamma Purple/Pink Hexweave Packs (NT)
    • Kilocrystal Unique 10% (NT)
    • Pet Skin: Rex
    • Pet Skin: Jumbo Ball
    • Pet Skin: Lava Bee
    • Pet Skin: Training Dummy
    • Pet Skin: Ghoul Lord
    • Pet Skin: Blightbringer
    • Pet Skin: Explosiraptor
    • Conqueror Earrings *P*
    • Spy Earrings *P*
    • Wizard Earrings *P*
    • Earrings of the Goddess Imentet *P*
    • Hellfire Earrings *P*
    • Bronze Cruiser *Base 160 - unable to be upgraded (but can be upgraded at Davidson for a full speed bike!)
    • Faded Stormchaser *Base 160 - unable to be upgraded (but can be upgraded at Davidson for a full speed bike!)
    • Blue Sleipnir *Base 160 - unable to be upgraded (but can be upgraded at Davidson for a full speed bike!)
  • Earring conversion NPC has been updated! She now allows for level 54 conversions!
  • A new 30 Day Buff has been created and added to the game.
    • As a Father's Day gift, we have decided to give every 30 days of this buff for free before its added to the Item Mall!
    • This free buff can be claimed from the event page on the Scarlet Blade Website for a limited time!
      • The buff contains:
      • CP Regen Standing: 10 - Combat: 7
      • HP Regen Standing: 250 - Combat: 50
      • SP Regen Standing: 100 - Combat: 50
      • PvP rank point rate increase: 50%
      • Hunting EXP: +500%
      • Drop Rate Increase +10%
      • Pet Hunger Prevention
    • For the sake of this free gift, it will be Nonetradeble. If it's fully added, it will be in the Item Mall and will be tradeable.


  • Fixed a set of Luxury Gold achievements that only appeared on occasion for people - You should no longer crash when completing these quests
  • Fixed Amara's The Archeron - Solo mode should now have solo monsters, and party should have party mode monsters.
  • A test fix for the costumes appearing buggy when in low quality has been added
  • Fixed the Amara teleports in Delilah Lounge. They should correctly send you to Amara.
  • Fixed the Nuclear Bunker and Al Kasava portals to match the event starting time
  • Fixed Urka's spawn time. He should no longer spawn as soon as Al Kasava opens
  • Level 61s should now drop level 61 dogtags when killed
  • Fixed the incorrect spelling of Android facepaint
  • Fixed the Titan Pet Skins - all 3 versions should now properly appear
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