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Hello, and welcome to our Summer Event!

Today we offer you a brand new Event, it will be mostly creation/suggestions like some of our previous Events. (Boss/Class)

What is this Event?
I will give you a specific theme and indications as best I can to guide you through this Event. I hope to be able to help you as much as possible. But the idea will simply be to imagine our next Christmas Event that will be made in game.
And I'm not talking about a simple Event Trivia, no, I'm talking about an Event with Bosses, quests!

the main theme: As I said above, it will be Christmas-themed!

What are we supposed to do?
You will mainly write, you will be able to bring any kind of support (screens, video, drawing) to help you explain as best as you can your suggestion!

What do we need to know?
- Your Event should be as feasible as possible,
- You must only use content from Eden Eternal or X-Legends.
- You can be inspired by previous Events,
- You can definitely suggest new Boss/ Map / Dungeons
- You should give as much detail and information as you can.

Little ideas...
One or more Christmas quests.
A Christmas Custom Boss
A Christmas Dungeon
other ideas

The rules

  • You must answer the question marked with an *.
  • You can't sell your ideas.
  • You cannot simply copy a Previous Event or one of the participants.
  • You can't participate "for troll", Be serious with your participation.
  • Only one of your Main suggestions will be taken into account (you can make several if you wish)

Event starts today, 06/20, and ends at 07/19.

Let's talk about the rewards!

As a reward, it's possible that one of your ideas could be used for one of our next in-game Christmas Events!

🥇1st Place -

- 3 Event Point + 50 Eden Crystal

🥈2nd Place -

- 2 Event Point + 30 Eden Crystal

🥉3rd place -

- 1 Event Point + 15 Eden Crystal

Things to keep in mind:

         All those who participate can obtain 1 Event Point if participation in the Event is correctly respected.
         Additionally we may give out extra prizes for things such as but not limited to (Artwork, Lore, Etc).🎖️
**Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom.

I wish you all the best of luck!

*To participate: Send your Event, with your IGN.

Character Name (IGN)*:

Event Title* :
Type* :

Objectif* :

Introduction* :

Overviews :

Event Timer* : (Hours/Daily/Weekly)

What we need?* :

Level :
NPC Name :
Dialogue :
Quest Name :
Mission :
Boss Name :
Boss Achievement :
Spell :
Monster :
Other :
DNG Name :
Script :
Boss / DNG / NPC Preview :
Level :
Map :
Coordinates :
Title Name :

Rewards* :

Post your participation HERE


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