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  1. About the costume, that's not possible, but i can try to take a look for wig
  2. No we can't, but you can check this thread where is noted the original skills Note: the current skills for some classes are not updated
  3. You need Bank Slot Rental, then you have to use it in your Bank by clicking on Rental, choose a slot, and then you can add your 47 Backpack and have more space in your Bank
  4. Hello, So to answer your question, it is the Holy Skill of the Arch-Elementalist. And in case you want to know what's this skill: Lower's the targets Fire, Ice, Lightning and Nature Resistance -20 pts for 12 seconds.
  5. If you're already level 30 and haven't gotten the quest check the quest bubble under the minimap and uncheck the level choice option.
  6. Hello and Welcome to Scarlet Blade Vendetta, have a nice day and enjoy! o/
  7. We have 2 servers currently the Awaken which has news quite regularly Cap 130 ect, and the classic which has no Awaken class, and which is at cap Lv80 currently, but the most popular is the Awaken, and concerning the classic, we are thinking about closing it or rework, so if you are interested, you can give your opinion on this topic. Have a nice day and enjoy any of the server o/
  8. Try with another browser, it should work
  9. First, you have to create a new account on website, then you can download the game here : https://ee.vendettagn.com/download.vgn
  10. It seems that this is more of a window problem, simply try to change the resolution of your game window, to do this you can do it in game, but otherwise go to your Eden Eternal Vendetta folder, and open the client file. [Option] // ¥þ¿Ã¹õ¼Ò¦¡ 0 §_ / 1 ¬O FullScreenMode=0 // ¿Ã¹õ¼e"× ScreenWidth=1768 // ¿Ã¹õ°ª"× ScreenHeight=992 // ¿Ã¹õÀW²v Save your changes, and you can start your game.
  11. Have you tried using a different browser? If you're using Chrome, its been known to cause a few issues with the download link itself. http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/SBV_Install_v1.rar
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