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  1. Thank you for ur feedback, here I can only answer for on of the suggestion: It will be fixed for next week. About the rest of suggestions, have to wait Jordan's answer. o/
  2. Hello! So the winners for this event are : Mellyana Hyun Eternaili Strike Anoliris Congratulations to you, your rewards will be sent to you in a moment!
  3. Hello everyone! MrDoudou has hidden many surprises for you for Eden Eternal's 7th anniversary. There are 100 fields to choose from. This is how it works: Just choose a square (e.g. "G5") and write your choice along with your IGN. Don't forget: everyone can only choose a square once. So think carefully about your decision because out of 100 fields only 50 really contain presents and once decided there is no going back. Anyway, anyone can choose any square. So if player A chooses "D2", player B can also choose "D2". Please make sure you enter your character name. The following surprises can be obtained: The event ends on September 29. Post your participation here! What are Event Points? => Event Point Happy Anniversary Eden Eternal Awaken!
  4. As promised, here are 2 new Previews! See you soon!
  5. Hello everyone! I will post 2 more Previews after the maintenance. See you soon in game and thanks for continuing the adventure with us on Eden Eternal Awaken!
  6. ♥ Guideline ♥ Take a screenshot of the anniversary annoucement in game. the ranking will be based on speed, so be the first to post your screen! We should be able to see the announcement bar at the top of your screen and your In Game Name on the same screenshot. The screenshot can't be edited. Screenshot should look like this. ♥ Rules ♥ - Only one entry per account; - Include your character's name in your post; - Character name must be on the screenshot; - The screenshot can't be edited; - Copying from another player is prohibited and will be treated accordingly; ♥ Prizes ♥ 1st place : 3 Event Point 2nd place : 2 Event Point 3rd place : 2 Event Point 4th place : 1 Event Point 5th place : 1 Event Point What are Event Points? => Event Point. ♥ Duration♥ September 8- September 15 11:59 pm EST Participation here
  7. Good luck ! And Happy Anniversary!!
  8. Greetings, Eternal Guardians! The Anniversary is here! What exactly does that mean? I'll explain that to you right away! To celebrate Eden Eternal's 7th anniversary, we decided to make this month's events extra special. What exactly do I mean by that? This year to celebrate the Anniversary of Eden Eternal, we have decided to organize several events throughout the month! You will be able to participate in all the events, but you can only win once for each event. Here is the list of all the events we plan to host: 09/08/22 - 09/15/22 - [Forum Event] Screenshot 09/15/22 - 09/29/22 - [Forum event] Anniversary Surprise 09/15/22 - 09/29/22 - [Discord] Quizz 09/22/22 - 09/29/22 - [Discord] Dressing Room Screenshot 09/15/22 - 09/18/22 - [Discord] Who it is? 09/08/22 & 09/15/22 & 09/22/22 & 09/29/22 - [Discord] Giveaway 09/13/22 & 09/27/22 - [Ingame] Hide & Seek (GS) 09/20/22 - [Ingame] Treasure Hunt (GS) 09/18/22 & 09/25/22 - [Ingame] Trivia (GS) 09/22/22 - [Ingame] Word Scramble (GS) 09/24/22 - [Ingame] Spelling Bee (GS) 09/27/22 - [Ingame] Boss Spawn (MrDoudou) 09/26/22 - [Ingame] Missing Vowels (GS) 09/28/22 - [Ingame] Lucky Number (GS) 09/30/22 - [Ingame] Scavenger Hunt (GS) Happy Anniversary Eden Eternal Awaken!
  9. Please leave your suggestions for the Crystal Altar, Gem Altar and Mystery Boxes. Remember to submit the correct name of the item when posting! Also remember to specify if it is (Legendary) or (Prime). We've updated this post due to the page number and large list of old suggestions from the previous post. Please be sure to leave your suggestions here again if you're still looking for them! Once posted, please do not keep spamming posts or bumping your post! Your posts may be edited to add the date in which the item was/should be on the altar.
  10. Hello, we had to disable the other languages including TW, unfortunately there is no solution.
  11. Well, you must have 3 characters connected per week to keep your Guild Town, however, it is important to connect them after the maintenance on Thursday, if it is done before for reasons that escape me, it does not count. For the message, this is to be seen with Jordan.
  12. Hello, here is the new Wiki of Eden Eternal Vendetta. This one will be entirely managed by the staff members. Copied from the original eden eternal vendetta wiki which the staff will have full control over and which can be updated in real time. If you find any typos, please let us know on VGN Discord #eden-eternal-wiki Channel, and it will be updated quickly. If you want us to add any other information, please let us know there too. ~By Vendetta Team https://bit.ly/3b6psm2
  13. Hello, regarding the gender change, it is theoretically possible, but because of some problem, it is not possible. For the hair, I would have to ask Jordan again because I don't remember it
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