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  1. What other kind of errors are there? (Added the reported bug to the bug list) Thank you
  2. This issue is caused by the patcher not being able to connect to its node. This shouldn't effect your gameplay other than not being able to patch the client. You can attempt to fix this by reopening the patcher or flushing your DNS then opening the patcher again.
  3. MrDoudou

    Make us laugh!

    Dear Eden Eternal Vendetta Players, Welcome to this New Forum Event ! This event ended on October 14. Directions Every week we like to end our Thursday with a good laugh to help us unwind from the rest of the week. To that end, we thought the Eden Eternal community could help us out by creating some fun comics for everyone to enjoy. Have fun with us and you might even win! Rules/Guidelines Your entry must not violate any part of the Community Network Rules. Save the images to your computer Add text to them (in the nicely provided white space!) They don't need to be in the same order as posted! Feel free to repeat images or draw your own to add to the fun! However, you have to at least use the images provided! Don't forget to post your comic in this thread when you're done with you IGN (In Game Name)! Rewards Winners will be chosen by voting from the GSs and GMs. 1st place: - 3 Event Point! 2nd place: - 2 Event Point! 3rd place: - 1 Event Point! Things to keep in mind : Remember, you must use all of the provided images in your entry! You must include all of your images in ONE post You may only enter once per account, and once per person Must provide your entry before the deadline specified Nothing inappropriate! Your work must be your own! We wish you a happy anniversary to all the members of Eden Eternal Vendetta! ~Your Vendetta Team. Post your participation HERE
  4. Week 1: Right click and Save As these images to add them to your computer: MUST COMPLETE BEFORE: 10am EST Gdod luck !
  5. Can you please tell us more and show us the error, so that we can help you better. Thank you
  6. After midnight UTC, if you have not received your email your attempted registration will clear itself out, allowing you to re-register with the same email to attempt to get the email again. So if you haven't tried to register again, please do
  7. Great! Thank you for reporting this little problem, enjoy our forum. *Solved and closed the thread.*
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