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  1. Hello everyone! Patch Preview #1
  2. Esti's suggestions Altar White Kitty Spectacles (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (Legendary)✔️ Strawberry Fish-shaped Cake (Legendary)✔️ Sakura Rice Cakes (Legendary)✔️ Cunning Minidemon's Wings (Legendary)✔️ BunBun Backpack (Legendary)✔️ Ink Jet Wings (Legendary)✔️ (All colors)Angel Wings (Legendary) Doudou: Not sure about which one you are asking for. Sakura Gauze Wings (Legendary)✔️ Blueflame Demon Drake Wing (Legendary) ✔️ Playful Kitty Backpack (Legendary)✔️ Blushing Bunny Backpack (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Prep Girl (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Alchemist Dress (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Desert Rose Dress (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Bandit Queen Gear (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Leather and Lace Dress (Legendary)✔️ VIP Pop Star Gown (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Everyday Uniform Dress (Legendary)✔️ Delicate Cruel Death Frock (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Candy Sweetheart (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Combat Mage Garb (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious White Rabbit's Petticoat (Legendary) Brutal Bear Paws (Legendary)✔️ Box Punchy Kitty Hairdo (Legendary)✔️ Michelle's Twin Hairdo (Legendary)✔️ Kitty Hairdo (Legendary)✔️ Rainbow Light Feather Streamer✔️ Heart of the Sea (Legendary)✔️
  3. Hello! If you encounter a problem when creating your account, and you do not receive an email, please try the following steps: Firstly, a quick reminder: We only accept hotmail, gmail, live or yahoo email services. Note: I personally recommend using gmail. If an account has not been verified via email, then the account information is wiped from the database, allowing you to try registering again with the same information. If you haven't registered again, I would suggest you do that and try watching out in your spam/trash folder, as the email may end up in there. After midnight UTC, if you have not received your email your attempted registration will clear itself out, allowing you to re-register with the same email to attempt to get the email again. So if you haven't tried to register again, please do. ~ V-Staff
  4. In my defense, it seemed to me that we'd already done everything, and in that case, don't just throw eggs at me, throw them at everyone 👀
  5. Hello everyone!! Patch Preview #1
  6. The difference between VGN and Steam. First of all, the Steam version is the X-Legends version. At the moment, I don't know what stage they're at in their patch, but it's lv 75 or something like that. Concerning VGN: We're at Cap Lv 130 We have new content (weapons lv 125, armor lv 125, accessories lv 120 ect) new run maps several new lv 90+ dungeons Lots of QoL changes (lv 93 character creation, and more) new cosmetics and much more, in fact, we're constantly updating our server.
  7. Hello, first of all thank you for your suggestion. We are working on something more related to 3v3 arena, unfortunately I can't say much, but don't worry, we are working on something ^^.
  8. Hello Today I'm here to announce the winners and all the squares! Note: Rewards will be sent to you as soon as possible. If your name does not appear in the above list, you are simply disqualified from the Event. Thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the winners!
  9. Hello everyone! MrDoudou has hidden many surprises for you for Eden Eternal's 7th anniversary. There are 100 fields to choose from. This is how it works: Just choose a square (e.g. "G5") and write your choice along with your ign under this post. Don't forget: everyone can only choose a square once. So think carefully about your decision because out of 100 fields only 50 really contain presents and once decided there is no going back. Anyway, anyone can choose any square. So if player A chooses "D2", player B can also choose "D2". Please make sure you enter your character name. Failure to follow the rules will result in automatic disqualification and will not be rewarded. The following surprises can be obtained: Happy Anniversary, Eden Eternal Vendetta!
  10. Hello everyone! Today I'd like to ask for your help with the Arena. As some of you may have noticed, the arenas have been quite "empty" for a while now. So I'd like to hear your opinions and suggestions as to what we can do to make you, the players, want to participate in the arenas? Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please list them and try to be as specific as possible, e.g. if you want to talk about arena rewards, let us know what kind of rewards, and not just say "yes then, we need to change the rewards". Note: Please do not make drama in this thread. Thank you for your attention and participation! ~V-Staff
  11. Please leave your suggestions for the Crystal Altar, Gem Altar and Mystery Boxes. Remember to submit the correct name of the item when posting! Also remember to specify if it is (Legendary) or (Prime). We've updated this post due to the page number and large list of old suggestions from the previous post. Please be sure to leave your suggestions here again if you're still looking for them! Once posted, please do not keep spamming posts or bumping your post! Your posts may be edited to add the date in which the item was/should be on the altar.
  12. Hello everyone ! Preview #1 Preview #2 Preview #3 Have a nice day!
  13. Hello, regarding Eden's classic server, we don't intend to reopen it for the moment.
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