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Patch v126


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Happy Friday Vendetta!

This patch is a bit more centered on trying to better reward PvP activity and give more incentive for wanting to farm/attend these areas. There is a few more plans coming up for pvp activities, but we figured this is a good start!



  • Artifacts in Amara have had a buff change! Authority will now give a more powerful buff to the faction that controls it!
    • We are aware Fury is currently not spawning as it should and will be addressed for next week

  • New Unique Costumes and Lingerie have been added to the game!
    • The following costumes are now unique and can be found in various pvp aspects of the game:
    • These costumes can only be equipped by players level 60+
      • Camo v3
      • Qipao
      • Qipao Hat
      • 50 Shades of Black
      • Black Commando Cap
      • Military Cap
      • Matrix v1 / v2
      • Lazer v1
      • Cybertronic Lingerie (Level 65)
      • Artillery Syring (ME)
      • M8A1-MK2 (PU)
      • Chain Rapier (WH)
      • Bear Claws (SW)
      • Ingram Max !! 400 v2 (SE)
      • Murasame (DE)
      • Xiphos (CB)


  • Cyberblades now have 2 new Unique wigs they are able to obtain in-game!
    • These will not match your selected hair color and will appear as the same color shown below!
      • Regal Wig:
      • Vicious Wig:
      • Military Wig:

  • New Boss Pet Skins have been added to the game!
    • The following bosses can now be obtained as a pet skin!
      • Headsnatcher
      • Ogung
      • Strider
      • Gary
      • Smog

  • PvP Centered Bosses have had their drop tables updated with the new items!
  • Headsnatcher / Abaddon / Urka / Vanguard
    • Now have a chance to drop the following items:
      • Unique Mad Clown Facepaint
      • Headsnatcher Pet Skin (Headsnatcher Only)
      • All new unique weapon skins listed above
      • Titan Pet Skins (Vanguard Only)
      • Sapphire Cruiser Mark II (Abaddon Only)
        • Base 160 MS - Cannot be Enhanced but can be changed at Davidson for an enhanceable version



  • Janus/Turnpike:
    • Sub System Tower / Control Tower / RG Treasure Chest / FK Treasure Chest:
      • Now have a rare chance to drop the following items:
        • Unique Camo v3
        • Unique Military Cap / Military Wig
        • Unique Matrix v1 / v2
        • Unique Qipao / Qipao Hat
        • Unique Regal Wig
        • Strider Pet Skin
        • Ogung 48h Mech

  • Charon / Gorgon / Orenji:
    • Now have a rare chance to drop the following items:
      • All Unique weapon skins listed above
      • Ogung Pet Skin
      • Unique Bunny Ears
      • Level 65 Unique Cybertronic Lingerie

  • Typhon / Dracenae:
    • Now have a rare chance to drop the following items:
      • Unique 50 Shades of Black
      • Unique Black Commando Cap
      • Unique Lazer v1
      • Unique Vicious Wig
  • Smog:
    • Now has a rare chance to drop the following item:
      • Smog Pet Skin


  • R.O.S.E has stocked some additional items to her store!
    • Phoenix Corset Lingerie (Level 65; Rare) can now be purchased from her!
    • Pet Skin: Gary can now be purchased from her!
    • Bandaid Facepaint (Unique) can now be purchased from her!Bandaid_Facepaint.png


  • Battalion Medals have been removed and replaced again with Team Medals in Legendary Passcard dungeons and Tartarus Temple

  • Nuclear Bunker will no longer allow for the use of Medic Ressurect or Mother Miracle

  • Adjusted the drop rate of the previously added lingerie to make it drop a slight bit more then it was




  • Guardian Blessing should no longer disappear on death
  • Prototypes in Amara should now be FFA loot
  • RG Anubis Cyberskin should now require Alpha, Aurum and Andriod to craft
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