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Guild Name Change


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Guild Name changes is now available as a VGN Service!


Guild leaders can now request through tickets to have their guild name changed each maintenance.

These new names must be available for use and must fall within our Rules and Guidelines. Names that do no follow the rules or are not readily available will not be changed.


When submitting a ticket, please only submit the name and a back up name for the guild in your ticket.

Guild name changes can only be done during maintenance and will only be done if requested by the Guild Leader. If for whatever reason the guild leader does not want to pay the fee for the change, the paying member can place in a ticket along with the guild leader approving the name change.


The VGN cost for the guild name change is 10,000 VGN.

When you top up using a PGC, please do not change the VGN to AP. We cannot use it once it has been transfered to AP.

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