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Patch v128


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  • Various changes have been made to Dragon Valley to allow for more easier farming.
    • All monsters have had an increase in EXP upon kill
    • All monsters have had a decrease in HP/Defense - allowing for easier and faster kills
    • Note: There is a possibility you may receive negative EXP when killing certain mobs. This is due to the server rates being server side and the possibilty of it causing a server overflow when using max EXP buffs.
      • If this happens to you, please note down the monster name and let me know. While we tested for all possible exp buffs, it is possible we may have missed one.
  • Made adjustments to Orenji's AoE debuff range.
    • The animation size and range of the skill should be much smaller
  • Battlegrounds have had their EXP greatly increased for levels 60+ on a loss an win
    • This includes AK/NB
      • Note: This is the MAX I can allow AK/NB give as file limitations block me otherwise
  • Increased the amount of EXP gained when killing Urka and Abaddon



  • Various monsters have been adjusted and updated in Amara
    • The lower level guards and faction NPCs should now be 65+
      • If I missed any more, note down the name and let me know.
  • Artifact of Fury will now spawn in it's proper place
  • Made adjustments to various Whipper and Shadow Walker Lingierie
    • They should now have their correct and proper stats


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