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Patch v129


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  • A special event Dragon has landed in Chromia!
    • Defeat this dragon for a chance of obtaining Dragon Claws, crowd favorite past event costumes, and other various items!
      • For example: Skeleton Facepaint, Santa's Frosty Helper, Bunny Ears, Bunny Facepaint to name a few!
      • Dragon Claws can be used to complete achievements for a special title!
    • This Dragon will spawn in Enocia and Amara
      • Times for this spawn are:
        • Enocia: 21:45 and 12:45 server time
        • Amara: 20:20 and 11:20 server time
    • Locations of the dragon are:
      • Enocia main base (right near the typical teleport spawn)
      • Amara mid map (near Orenji and Gorgon spawns)
  • This dragon will only be active for 1 week, so get the items and drops while you can!
  • Added the Summer Idol Costume
  • Added a rare, all level version of the Rose Petal Lingerie
    • This can be obtained from the Dragon Event Boss only
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