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Patch v133


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  •  The Archeron can now be accessed through Barbiron
    • The NPC is right near it's main spawn area
  • Blessed Naraks can now be stacked to 255
  • Red Notice has been removed from Free Knight Hoard Monsters
  • Due to the patch not properly applying the cash shop changes, it will take effect this patch and will last for 1 week only!
    • Anyone who bought an item that would've been on sale between last Monday and now will receive the VGN difference back!




  •  A fix has been applied to the channel/map crashes some players experienced after participating in the hoard event
  • Removed the extra spawns from the Research Dungeon Mobs
    • You should no longer see 30+ mobs spawn from 1 inside it
  • Flesh Mounds in Enocia are now Free For All
  • The Archeron in Amara should now let you back out in Amara
  • Fixed the Jack o Lantern items - it should now open to give you a selection of items
  • Hazmat Suit should no longer share cooldowns or overwrite Kiss of Fires
  • Cybercluster L50 should now be able to be picked up
  • Fixed the monster names on the Protect Enocia quest
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