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Patch v134

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  • The Enocia Hoard event has been removed!
    • Spawns will no longer start in Enocia
    • The dungeon entrances have been removed
    • BG rewards have been reverted back to their original items pre-event
  • Sinclair and Max have a small parting gift for you as well!
    • Speak to them to get the all too difficult to obtain title items!
      • You must be level 55 to obtain this quest!
  • Crafting NPC will remain till next week's maintenance, so please use your sweeties before they go!
  • Sapphire Cruiser Mark II is now sellable and tradeable
  • The following skill stones now require level 50 to equip and use:
    • Restriction
    • Silence
    • Stun
    • Strike
    • Weakening
  • The cash shop sale has ended!
  • Ancient Boxes NT can now be destroyed
  • Candy Boxes can now be stacked to 255
  • Title Replicubes (Kappa, Beta, Gamme Omicron) can now be destoyed




  • Fixed the stats on the SE Tears/Kiss of the Spider Queen Unique Lingerie
  • Fixed the stats on the SW Kiss of the Spider Queen and Caboret Unique Lingerie
  • Barbiron's Alvin should now properly allow quests to be completed at him

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