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Mar 's Tips for : Good Medic/ME Class Built – Scarlet Blade Vendetta for Level 65


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Welcome to this post. I'm Mar and I'm mainly play my Medics Arkana name MAR and MER. I really appreciate you are reading this now 😊 I made this post to help a new player of this game to use the Medic Arkana Class. <3

I been playing this game for a long time since the old close Beta; Aeria Scarlet Blade in 2013. Then I came to Scarlet Blade vendetta at first week online. This game had evolved thanks to the team working on Vendetta network and it is a big improvement of what it was. So, this game does require some knowledge as to able to be an effective Medic player in Scarlet Blade Vendetta. The Medic class is the most difficult class to play out all the Arkanas classes but is the one with the most number of skill available to learn. Many do not recommend it as to be the first arkana to play in, but I do will tell you this; lovely class name Medic has a lot to offer if you are a fan of the ‘’healling toch’’ .This Arkana type can bring the best of you as a player.  In general, you can always try out the Medic if you please. Just know that it is a fact that the Medic requires some experience to master. The Medic class is the class most target to be kill on pvp and the most that people like to have in their team on pvp and pve. You can make an incredibly supportive healing Medic or a good damage dealer Medic. Even a split / division with having some of both sides.  Same times you can add her speed to make her run fast around on battles, made her teleport and even detect close enemies that can hide close by. I do not recommend using all the skills available on the Medic in lv 65 in one built because it will not be very practical compared to the other high power offensive skills the rivals Arkansas has or to the require having as to be effective on solo PVE or team PVE. So be wise and not naïve on playing the ME.

             Still, I invite you to consider this basic and good built I been trying the past months after trying them and getting feedbacks. I recommend them like they are, but you are always welcome to change details of it to what is more specific to how you like to play and the constant attack you get when playing pvp.  I will limit my self to bring only 4 built to choose to start with but there other mix that can try out that works out as well.  First here some basic vocabulary for understanding built and the game dynamic in general and second you will see the exact builds.

Note: In those built I do not recommend starting with using Detection skills, because it does requires experience to really know what to do when you saw a hidden foe close by. So it can bring stress for a beginner and this skill is only useful with a strategies already in mind after try and error. There are other players that did a forum about MEs on forum too that is good to look them up. Here the link that is very recommended to try on the built desired online before adding to using the reset skill item: http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/


Basic Vocabulary to Understand Built Details on Scarlet Blade Vendetta

AoE – Around on Everyone – Sometimes it means everyone in an area that are in a certain rage of distance. Other times it means around the closest 6 people of the same faction closest to you or the 5 players on your team, plus your Arkana.

DPS = Damage Per Second

PVP = Player vs Player,

PVE = Player vs Environment

Dot = Damage Over Time (requires using Plasma attack to be consider the player use Dot’s attack).

Buffs – The skills that boost and enhance a player in a certain statue of the Arkana for a period of time.

De-buffs - The skill that lowers the enemies' Arkana or foe status. It can bring some type of negative statues too. Most hated square to have under your Arkana name (very annoying to get).

ATK – Attack. This can me a skill that give damage or a Jewel that improve Attack status number to better damage on your Arkana.

ACC - Accurate. This is related to landing stuns on foes (stun is a debuff effect).

HP – Health Points.

SP – Special Points

CP – Cyber Points – Points you need for your cyber Mech, Cyber Skills Amor, and cyber clusters.

Basic ATK - Basic Attacks that are the first column of skills. 

Atomic - Attacks that add to rivals the statues of being slower or Immobilized

 Here are the Recommended ME Built

1- ‘‘A DPS’’ ME

  • PVE and PVP Bult
  • The ideal DPS Bult of all
  • Recommended to use with ATK Jewels for great Attack rate
  • Con: It has the disadvantage of being low on defensive stats and no detection, low on HPs stats and low on cleansing. 



2- ‘‘DPS +’’ ME  – PVE and PVP Bult

  • Goods: Max Passive HP, Basic+ Atomic+ Plasma (dot) + Low Heals +Max ATk Buff +Acc Buff
  • Con: It has the disadvantage of being low on defensive stats, no speed on movement, no detection and low on cleansing.




3- ‘‘Red Apple’’   ME

  • Good: PVP Built and team PvE - Full Max Passive 🍏  + Plasma + Max Hp+ Cleanser and Defense buffs + Speed + Teleport
  • Good with HP, CH- EVA and Crit- VOID Jewels
  • Con: It’s not super powerful on attack power and no detection. 



4- ‘’Grapes’’ ME 

  • Very recommended: It is a very good built to start over in level 65 since it have a mix of combo power , cleansing, heals and buffs.
  • Goods: PVE, PVP Built – Basic+ max HPs + Max Atk Buff + Acc buff + Teleport + 2 have stuns Attacks + Use of the most powerful attack on a ME ( Blown Away skill)+ good combos skills on Atks
  • Great to use with EVA Jewels
  • Con: No atomic skills, no dots / plasma skills, no speed, no detection buff, no height defense buffs, low on passive skills.



I hope This really help out to all new Medic's players. Have fun. 

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Hi Everyone Wepa wepa 🙃

Here I add something as like a update to this them I did before. This time I add 1 more Medic Built that consider Speed Power.  Sometimes Speed is what makes the difference in a team from being massacre or surviving  as to win a battle. Because moving around teammates or squat mates to aid can be the magical touch the group just need from a Medic (mosty on pvp battles). A lot of medic know timing is everything and this built is one that max out those critical seconds. 

Medics have 2 types of Speed skill: One Passive name : ''Speed Mastery'' and there a active skill  that works as only for the Medic Buff name ''Heeled Flair''. Here I share this Speedy Power with many attacks skills mix and extra goodies with you all:

5 - ''A Speedy Mix'' ME

  • Good: PVP Built and team PvE 
  • Recommended to use with ATK Red Jewels for great Attack rate.
  • Recommended to use with Eva or CH-EVA Green Jewels for fast Evasion power.
  • It has Higth Pasive Skill + Max Speed + low Atomic atk +All  Basic Atk line + Plasma / dot Atks + Higth level Heals + Low cleanser + Higth Atks Buffs and 1 of 2 Max Acc Buffs
  • Cons: No HP Buff, No Revive/ Resurrection Skill, No Detection, HP skills are not max, No Defensive Buffs, No plasma Protection Buff, No teleportation, and Not max stuns Attacks.


Note: It is crucial you have good fast interment with little connection problems for this built. If you consider you are very laggy playing most days you play and you consider you already try to fix your problem but had not make your playing experience less laggy, then is better to try out other builts mention before or similar to it. Your welcome to do little changes on it too.

Have Fun.

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Hola. Hi, sweethearts linked to vendettagn. Wepa wepa Corazones conectados en vendettagn. 

Here I'm doing the 3rd Edition to this forum. In this forum, I will address 1 extra thing. I will add a 6th Lv. 65 Medic Built that is related to offer a very strong defensive tank type of Medic that works out. Its name base on a Scarlet stone cuz how strong Scarlet can be and because of the red color that is a color that identifies with Plasmas skills. Make sure you use all your 104 Skills points on lv 65 Skills. 

4-''Scarlet Tank'' ME

  • Very recommended: It is very well built to start over in level 65 since it has a mix of dots,  good cleansing, Great heals, and Great Defensive Power.
  • Goods: Team only PVE, PVP Built – Medium dots / plasma skills + max HPs + Hight Heals group skills+ Max HP Passive Full Max Defense Buff + Acc buff + + 2 have stuns Attacks + 
  • Great to use with EVA Jewels
  • Con: No dungeon solo with this built, no atomic-control crows attacks skills, Low Restoration Skill (LV2) + No DPS Basic skills, no speed, no Teleport, No Mobility Skills, No stunt skills, no detection buff, no ATK Buffs, and no Acc buffs, No Speed Passive, Low Evasion Stats, No High Damage attacks,.
  • The player does not require to be fast in movement in this built.
  • One of the tankiest built (Max defensive built) you can do as a ME player.
  • Very Recommended with the Green Jewels of HP and Crit-Void. 
  • Work out too with CH-EVA green Jewels.




I hope you like it, please tell me if any of this work for you. Thanks for reading. 

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