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  1. Hi Everyone Wepa wepa 🙃 Here I add something as like a update to this them I did before. This time I add 1 more Medic Built that consider Speed Power. Sometimes Speed is what makes the difference in a team from being massacre or surviving as to win a battle. Because moving around teammates or squat mates to aid can be the magical touch the group just need from a Medic (mosty on pvp battles). A lot of medic know timing is everything and this built is one that max out those critical seconds. Medics have 2 types of Speed skill: One Passive name : ''Speed Mastery'' and there a active
  2. Holaaaaaaa Mrs. and Mr.Shadow. You all is great with the familly. Take care.

  3. Zan come back.

  4. Little forum for MEDIC Class Fans of SBV: 


  5. Welcome to this post. I'm Mar and I'm mainly play my Medics Arkana name MAR and MER. I really appreciate you are reading this now 😊 I made this post to help a new player of this game to use the Medic Arkana Class. <3 I been playing this game for a long time since the old close Beta; Aeria Scarlet Blade in 2013. Then I came to Scarlet Blade vendetta at first week online. This game had evolved thanks to the team working on Vendetta network and it is a big improvement of what it was. So, this game does require some knowledge as to able to be an effective Medic player in Scarlet Blade Vend
  6. KawaiiNyanNyan Take care dear. Now your a lovely mommy. What a great blessing you are living. Stay cute and See you around. I nice to rest when needed. God Bless you always. 🧚‍♀️🤩
  7. That's actually is a great idea. And if a player just are in the RP farming area and want to pvp, the onto thing he or she have to do is to leave the RP area a goes to pvp zones that can play in equal terms. So no one would be use for a easy kill. Players should have the benefit to play at peace when doing RP and not used as fast easy kill dummies' in unequal terms. Players should not be obligated to do pvp if they do not want to. This would prevent harassments events for happening in general. We should play pvp in equal terms when desired and when the game give forward to it. Everyone effort
  8. Zelda's Lyrics: Ballad of the Wind Fish

    This game been remake in 2019  


  9. A lovely song from a old Zelda's videogame. 

    Una hermosa melodia de un viejo videojuego de Zelda. 


  10. Aww Sneaky dear... It made me said your not around on SB but still it was wonderful to had meet you. Well you are welcome to come back if you like and if not you know where you find me online. I may be slow on responding but I will respond. Still life is one to be explore and be full of moments to live on and to be remember. I always will think of those sweet and friends ones that we share. :) You have a lot to offer to the world so go for it. Just remember that life is much more richer when is full of friends. Take care always. - Mar
  11. Hola All. Happy 2021. Feliz 2021. At last 2020 is over. 🌺

    1. Filomena


      Thanks! Happy new year you too!

  12. They look hot on a special SB way if you ask , me. I luv the CB.
  13. Giving Idea for the lv68 Cap Hola all vendettagn.com community. It is an enjoyment to know that cap lv will be raise. I would like to give my most honest commentary on this soon to be changed on this game and to add Mother's ideas list. This is good to be thought about for that update for Scarlet Blade Vendetta videogame. Ideas for when the Cap lv68 Raise Don't add more Ranking Titles - It already had been added ones recently. Add +8 skills points, 2 sp for every level. - For every level up, there should be a good reward. Best one to consider to gain more skills po
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