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  1. For the light green lovers. Para los amantes del verdecito.

  2. how to make yummy small homemade chocolate orea cake, no oven needed.

    1. Filomena


      The cat is thinking "It tastes nothing". And I believe in cats.

    2. Mar


      lol. The cat like it fishy ad not

  3. Thanks Little Shot, Daddy. I remaber The first day I played ASB in 2013 I played it with Filomena. We were new new that time and now here we are on SBV that is better and at lv. Supercool.
  4. Thank for the welcomming Life Stream, Filomena and Kamsos. 🥰
  5. Wish you all fun, peace, health and lots of love. 😎😇💪✌️💗
  6. Me Mar am back in 2020 to V - SBV 💖 Wepa wepa. ❤️ Greeting Vendetta Gamming Network and SBV’s community. It is I Mar. I want to announce that I officially am back to being a player on SBV. From September 2017 to almost half May 2020 I was not able to play on the game. I did was able to log in just to look at my account without being able to play since the computer I used at the moment was not able to let me in. At last, after almost 3 years I'm truly back to the game and I very glad about it. The reason was that on September 20, 2017, a Hurricane of categorie level 5/5 came to the Island of Enchantment (Puerto Rico) where I live and it center pass on my city doing massive destruction and damage to my home where I had many losses including the PC desktop I used to play with not guarantee to back it up. Same time I lost power for a long time (6 months). So After having my home flood with water, almost running out of the water to drink on the first week, after not been able to do called of any type for 13th day, after almost running out of gasoline to get food, after repairing roof, wall, approving professional certifications with all those problems, and other things ... it did not stop there. In January 2020 many earthquakes shake all the Island. I been alright but been struggling for all this time. So after all of that and after the quarantine of the Coronavirus, I WAS ABLE TO GET BACK T SBV. 😊 I feel very motivated to enjoy this fun adventure with you all as roleplaying as a pal or as a rival but with the same goal to enjoy the game.🤗 I was so happy to get so many welcomes of players that wanted to see me back and others that where glad I’m pretty Mar is back. Thank you so much for such a warm and sweet welcome. I want to especially thank to my dear SUPER friend who I call ‘’Sand’’ for supporting me all this time I been so out and for been helping my ''arkanas''. It is great to be back. I had changed since all that had happend to me and feel very grateful for the little things and enjoying more of the time I live now and wish to share part of it on this game. I hope to share with many of you in the game and enjoy it with you all. Just ask for respect and being nice to me.💜🧡💛🧡❤️💖 Same time I want to give at least a little of what I best am professional about that is on thems of Mental Health. Any player with respect can private message me on the game if he or she needs a little chat or even visit my special Facebook page at: or my email at Hablo español también para quieres desean escribirme en privado. Have fun and take care all. 🥰 - Mar
  7. Nice profile pic :D

    1. Mar


      Thank you so much. ❤️

  8. Hola Drakkar. Remamber today is AK. :)

  9. Hola. <3 Wepa wepa <3

  10. Hola LittleShot. :)

  11. Hola


    1. Filomena


      Welcome back!

    2. Mar


      Thank you Filomena.

  12. Hola New GS Spherical. Please avoid putting cow's poops around. is too stinky and huge x.x Better to put milk on BG. :P 

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    2. Mar


      Please consider my humble request. :$

    3. Spherical


      it's this high fibre diet i'm on, all the grass and stuff, what goes in has to come back out again Moo :P

    4. Mar
  13. Hi Filomena. Your level 29 Pu do hit hard. You got all OP. 

    1. Filomena


      Ahaha, thanks, not against Mjua and the strong SW. I'm just about full +9.