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Hello friends ^^


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Hello :D


I will for the first time introduced me to the other players and player of other language ^^ .


Mickaël I call, I'm 26, I live in France and more precisely in the Dordogne (24).

I spent my childhood in game consoles like the Super NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Playstation 1.

My first online games Grand Fantasia is, since I'm a big fan of MMORPG xD

May when I saw Eden Eternal official release in beta, its was my favorite game, however, I tested different games like TERA, Aion, Blade And Soule, Aura Kingdom, SWTOR, Elsword for the most scoring games.


Then I discovered the private servers, my first Play Eden I play about one year and the waiter closed: /

I tested a private server Grand Fantasia, and the youngest is Vendetta Gaming <3


Here I think I've been around ^^ 'although I am totally in English no it does not mind getting to know you and why not share different thing, against only by cries as the forum because I have constantly translate ^^ '

I wish you all good games ^^


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