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  1. Hello Trypolize I thank you for your message it's a pleasure
  2. I just finished coloring, I had a hard time choosing
  3. Hi, I'm currently practicing drawing on my new tablet, I used a screenshot of a character from Eden Eternal, then I merged the hairstyle I found on the internet. Here is the first step I finished : Here are the models : I'm working on the colors now ^^
  4. Misty


    Hi, Welcome to the Vendetta server, for quick xp you just need to do the main quests and glory books in each map. The glory books will give you extra experience, gold coins and increase your reputation to later create very powerful armor and awakened weapons. If you are patient, I also advise you to kill the rare monsters, they count for the legendary success (which gives permanent extra experience). Once you reach level 80, try to find a friend or a guild that will help you to raise the level of your main class to 80 for the awakened one, it will be easier for the continuation. From level 90+ you will be blocked, you will have to start repeatable quests in Shaxia Basin. To advance to level 115/116 it will be necessary to do main quests + book of glory + repeatable quests of the highest card. Good luck.
  5. Zero Two 😍

  6. Salut, Le serveur Éveillé je suis dans la guilde "GoatBlue", ne te fie pas au nom c'est une guilde Française. Tu peux contacter les personnes suivantes : - MonsieurMouse - Sayoyo Amuse-toi bien. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, The Awakened server I'm in the "GoatBlue" guild, don't let the name fool you, it's a French guild. You can contact the following people: - MonsieurMouse - Sayoyo Have a good time.
  7. Ok I understand you, I continue my tests, I have not installed the C++ redist packages but the game seems to work well.
  8. I installed Windows 11 Family Insider, Eden Eternal works fine, I haven't played much, if I find a problem I'll report it here, if it helps Jordan. https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/26/nimk.png
  9. Hello, I wonder about the compatibility between Eden Eternal and Windows 11, the game is getting old, have you tried to play on the current version of Windows 11 found on the internet? Does it work well or not? I would also like to know if we will gain performance?
  10. Hello friends 💖 I updated the presentation page, and I listed all the links with their creators, it's easier for downloads. If I made a mistake, tell me so that I can modify it. Have fun 💋
  11. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AghTnoniXIbObbha_d2tifDikLg Hello everyone, I resumed my work on sound effects and I'm almost finished, I give you my work to test yourself the new atmosphere of the games. I may face some modifications, I still have some sounds found and modified, it will just update the file (a copy, paste, replace ^^). I put voices in the games thanks to a voice synthesis, you have a French version and an English version (I would not do other languages sorry). The replacement remains simple, just like the themes, you just have to copy and replace all the files, do not forget to right click - property - "check" read only, do this with the 3 folders. I authorize someone kind to make a more detailed explanation in English and other language like Spanish for the tutorial, I use google translation there may be an error of understanding. Credit for the introductory video, created by Kwai (thanks ^^). I do not allow anyone to keep my files on another download site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour à tous, j'ai repris mon travail sur les effets sonore et j'ai presque terminé, je vous donne mon travail pour testé vous meme la nouvelle ambiance du jeux. Il se peux que je face quelque modifications, j'ai encore quelques sons a retrouvé et a modifié, il faudra juste mettre a jour le fichier ( un copié, coller, remplacer ^^ ). J'ai mis des voix dans le jeux grâce a une synthèse vocal, vous avez une version Française et une version Anglaise ( je ne ferait pas d'autre langues désolé ). Le remplacement reste simple, tout comme les themes, il vous suffis de copier et remplacer tout les fichiers, n’oubliai pas de faire un clic droit - propriété - "cocher" lecture seule, faite ceci avec les 3 dossiers. J'autorise quelqu'un d'aimable pour faire une explication plus détailler en anglais et d'autre langue comme l'espagnol pour le tutoriel, j'utilise google traduction il peux y avoir une erreur de compréhension. Crédit de la vidéo d'introduction, créer par Kwai ( merci ^^ ). Je n'autorise personne a conserver mes fichiers sur un autres site de téléchargement.
  12. Hello zitorak, you can download the themes on the link of the first page of this forum, 2nd messages The theme I use in my video is Twin Saga. For the sounds I always work on it, it takes a lot of time, in addition to that I learn the language of Japanese.
  13. Hello Jordan, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you if one day you will bring out your weapons awake in a suit ?
  14. English : Hi, here is a little tutorial in French to modify the sound effects of the games. A text translation in English and Spanish will be available later (during work). Français : Salut, voici un petit tutoriel en Français pour modifier les effets sonore du jeux. Une traduction par texte en Anglais et en Espagnol sera disponible plus tard ( en cours de travail ). Español : Hola, aquí hay un pequeño tutorial en francés para modificar los efectos de sonido de los juegos. Una traducción de texto en inglés y español estará disponible más tarde (durante el trabajo).
  15. Hello Jordan, can the two body gems 10% and 15% attack be switched on at the same time please ?
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