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Hi guys, first of all I apologize for my weak English, 
Brazilian here lol

I'm pretty new to the game, but I really like it, 
I played the official game a long time ago, 
but I didn't go very far, 
level 55 I think, 
and I wanted to know the most effective way to level up, 
if a player who doesn't spend will have the same fun as who spends, 
these things, and if there is a player to play with?
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Welcome to the Vendetta server, for quick xp you just need to do the main quests and glory books in each map.

The glory books will give you extra experience, gold coins and increase your reputation to later create very powerful armor and awakened weapons.

If you are patient, I also advise you to kill the rare monsters, they count for the legendary success (which gives permanent extra experience).

Once you reach level 80, try to find a friend or a guild that will help you to raise the level of your main class to 80 for the awakened one, it will be easier for the continuation.

From level 90+ you will be blocked, you will have to start repeatable quests in Shaxia Basin.


To advance to level 115/116 it will be necessary to do main quests + book of glory + repeatable quests of the highest card.


Good luck.

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