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Patch v137


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  • VGN GM





  • Enocia is infested with pests and creations from Sinclair and her experiments. She's asking that you help continue her research into these released creatures.
    • This event will be available till November 18th
      • Please make sure to use all crafting items before this date!


  • Unlike last year, this spread is an intentional spread, though it has gotten out of hand.
    • Sinclair will have a daily quest available for these hoards, giving you daily Pumpkin Boxes.
    • Marvin, located next to Sinclair, can be used to trade in your Pumpkin Boxes for rewards!


  • The hoard and their great mound of flesh will be roaming around Enocia 4 times daily!
    • They'll spawn at: 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, 17:00 server time!
    • If the full first wave is defeated within 10 minutes, another will spawn right after!
    • These will continue to spawn every 10 minutes for over 30 total minutes.




  • Along with these creatures, Enocia seems to be covered in some sort of Spider web!
    • The Golden Spike will spawn at 4:20, 8:20, 16:20, 24:20 every day in Enocia Base!
    • The Crimson Spider mini boss will appear in various locations at 2:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 every day in Enocia Base!
    • The Golden Spike and Crimson Spider have a chance to drop halloween facepaints, pet skins, and unique costumes, as well as the crafting material "Pumpking Box"






  • Sinclair will also have a daily "attendence" quest, giving you her research notes each day. Collect these notes to unlock special achievements!


  • The Halloween titles have received a slight nerf to their original stats
    • They were too strong and causing some interaction issues with certain classes


  • A few extra guards have appear in each of the faction bases around Amara


  • Nuclear Bunker will now begin at 14:00 server time and 23:00 server time


  • Al Kasava, Nuclear Bunker, Second Ark, and Turnpike will now give a Safeguard Replicube x1 after a loss





  • Fixed the level 60 monsters in Viledon - they will be back to their level 30 state
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  • VGN GM

A hotfix has been applied for this patch.


  • Fixed the midnight spawning time for the Golden Spider


  • Increased the amount of Pumpkin Baskets dropped by the Golden Spider and Crimson Spider


  • Added 2 additional hoard times. They will begin at 19:00 and 21:00


Note: This should not need a patch for you to see these changes, but if it does it will not be patched in till sometime tomorrow.

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