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[Week 15] Mystery Box

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  • VGN GM

This week's mystery box has been released!

The following items may be obtained inside of it:




 - Angelic School Girl (female)

 - Laser (CB)







Sassy and sexy! With these 2 outfits, nothing can go wrong. Cyberblades, show off your guns and impress those Arkana!





- Camo

- Camo v2






Show off your faction pride by picking up one of these faction themed costume!

Dangerous and fabulous all at the same time~





- Panda (FK/RG)





Why not pick up a little companion to match your new camo costumes?

He'll pick up your items and help you on the battlefield!





Other items included in the mystery boxes:


 - Regal Minstrel Pantaloons







Grab these items while you can before they are removed next maintenance!

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