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Spherical's Midweek hide and seek event

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Greetings Arkana

Spherical here, one of your new game sages on the FK side. I'm planning a little fun event to brighten up your midweek playing time, just a little bit of fun and something else to do to get you away from the daily grinding and farming.

What is the event?

To be held in two parts (just to clear up any confusion).

The first part is based on the hide and seek format that you are probably all getting used to by now with slightly different prizes from the norm. I will hide my character in various places on one of the maps and will give you clues as to how to find me, the first person to find me wins the prize, it really is that simple.

The hide and seek part of the event will be held in Mereholt map on channel #1

The second part will be the actual prize payout for the winners at a later date.

When is the event?

The event itself will be scheduled for next Wednesday, the 3rd of May at approximately the following times to hopefully not clash with any battlegrounds, the time is quoted in server time which can be found at the top of the webpage here -

FK side - 10.20pm server time (may be subject to change) hosted on my FK toon Spherical

RG side - 11.20pm server time (may be subject to change) hosted on my RG toon Moo

Vivi will be assisting me as this is my first proper event.

What are the prizes?

There will be 3 winners from each faction.

Each winner will win a mini private boss spawn, one boss of their choosing at a time convenient (as best as we can) to themselves and the GM spawning the boss. i will endeavor to co-ordinate between the prize winners and the GM team as to when the prize pay out will be done and will inform the player at that time the location of the spawn.I might try and rope in one of the RG gses to assist me co-ordinating with the rg side prize pay outs but it is unlikely to be done on the day of the hide and seek event unless the GM has time to do it.

Rules for the Boss spawn prizes

  1. Each winner will be allowed to pick a full party to assist them kill the boss, this must be a boss that this party are able to kill themselves without any outside assistance in a reasonable time frame, so do consider this when choosing which boss you would like spawned. ideally if you could inform me which boss you would like to do as your prize beforehand this would be handy for the GM.
  2. It is up to the winners to try and keep the time and location of the boss spawn prize private (otherwise it wouldn't be a private boss spawn) when informed of when it is taking place, it is ok to tell your party members where and when it is happening but the onus is on the winners not to invite everyone and their pals to come to avoid other people hijacking the spawn.
  3. Only the winner and their party will be allowed to Kill the boss as this is their prize for the hide and seek event, it is ok for the party members to assist other winners if chosen for their team but team choice is down to the winner themselves.
  4. For the Winners, Whilst every effort should be made to keep your own spawn time and location private, it is likely that some players might catch wind of it, or may happen across the event taking place, anyone other than the prize winner and their party are NOT allowed to fight the boss if you do attack the boss you will be warned not to, whilst the GM in attendance does have the power to kick you from the server we would rather this doesn't have to happen and that players do as they are told and behave themselves, failure to behave and those that try to sabotage the event will just mean that it would be unlikely that similar such events would be held again.
  5. The winners are entitled to one boss of their choosing and one boss only! so no begging for more!
  6. Please do not attempt to follow me when i am relocating to a new position, those found doing this will forfeit their right to enter the hide and seek event!

So feel free to tell your friends about this midweek hide and seek event, I appreciate that this event might not be held at a time suitable for the whole playerbase but I have to time it with which times I am available and also when a GM (in this case Vivi) is also available.

If this event goes well and no one interferes with the prize payouts and lets the winner and their team take the boss down on their own, I see no reason for not holding a similar event at a future time. How you guys conduct yourselves when we are paying out the boss prizes will determine whether this is a viable event or not to do in the future, so if you misbehave this type of prize payout probably wont be allowed in future. Trying something a bit new as regards prizes and would hope the players can get on board with this.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the event.



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Just for clarification as we have had people asking regarding what bosses we can spawn for you as a prize -

 Any boss that is currently on an active map so no to the likes of vanguard and such like, just the bosses that you see everyday on the maps you have access to, but remember you and your team must be able to kill it reasonably quickly.

If you do happen to come across the event when we are doing the spawns, we would prefer that you just leave the area as it makes it a lot easier to manage, but if you do stay you will have to stay well away from the players doing the event and your pets should be off, failing to do so may result in you being kicked temporarily from the server as will interfering with the boss or trying to grab any of the loots, i want this to go as smoothly as possible so best behavior please, don't muck up the chances of this event being a regular thing.

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just a little bit more clarification after being asked a question today -

You can only win once, if you win on FK side the character name will be noted and the boss spawn will be done for that character and his team on the FK side.

You cannot win on an FK toon and ask the boss to be spawned on the RG side.

If you win on the FK side you cannot then log onto RG and win again, we will be watching you!

Event starts today in just under 7 hours for FK and 8 for RG

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Ok the winners of the Hide and seek event for the FK side are as follows -

Lendsy -  Boss Chosen - Cairn *PAID OUT*

BiancaRosa - Boss Chosen - Abaddon boss from NB *PAID OUT*

Pure - Boss Chosen - Cairn - Abaddon boss from NB *PAID OUT*

Ok the winners of the Hide and seek event for the RG side are as follows -

BountyHunter   - Boss Chosen Narak "Flo 4" Juggernaut lvl 48 *PAID OUT*

SkyWalker  - Boss Chosen Narak "Flo 4" Juggernaut lvl 48 *PAID OUT*

LouLou - Boss Chosen - Devilkin Overlord - time to be arranged

Could the winners please either inbox me via the forums or PM me in game with preferred time you will be available to get a team together for the boss spawn prize, also if possible which boss you would like thanks and I hope you enjoyed the event.

If a GM is available we can pretty much do the prize payouts as and when the teams are online, if you need to get hold of me as I say either inbox me or try Spherical on FK side or Moo on RG side or ask one of your faction GS's to see if they can get hold of me thanks.

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