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  1. apologies for my absence of late apart from ill health i changed broadband providers and was without interwebz for a month and could only do basics using my 4g phone as a hotspot lol

  2. Happy new year peeps

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the players and staff a very moo...ry xmas or bah humbugs or whatever lol

    1. Filomena


      Ahaha, thanks you and Merry Xmas!

  4. the current version of the def quest is in amara but it seems people too lazy to kill the hauler and would rather get easy two hourly chances at getting a reward in ellis, don't see the point myself, power levelled myself up and even got all my quests done there so not being able to get quests done isn't really an excuse either, the ellis token quest has never worked either. to me would just be another nemv2 although it does have it's uses with the 15 day quest, nothing like that in ellis, just my two cents and the only reason for making a v2 would be for peeps exploiting the guild hall bug to power level so they can get their quests done..
  5. Hiya peeps, I haven't dissapeared from the game, I have been playing some of my nub characters of late in the background, had a bit of a scare recently which ended up with me in hospital for ecg tests but feeling better now and also had a death in the family.

    I will be around in game but possibly not playing my main but any character you see in TopArkana guild will be me sneaking around

    Happy gaming peeps

    1. Filomena


      Hey Spherical! Take your time and stay well, it's important. See you around!

  6. hmm this post is making me hungry Moo
  7. ah thats why i see him a lot then thought he was a yank
  8. if you know sabin your probably on usa time, i'm a bit of a nighthawk and float around with my sleeping pattern also not working other than being a game sage lol
  9. depends on your time zone, i'm on UK gmt time afternoons on rg seem a lot of spanish and european during the day, can find me on fk side usually on Spherical but anyone with a "TopArkana" guild tag is me on fk side or with "Moo" tag on rg side have fun Terry
  10. Seeing a lot of new players in game which is good, if you need any help either shout "Moo" if i'm on I'll answer (I have mad cows disease don't ask lol ) or if you see ANY player in game from the FK guild "TopArkana" or RG guild "Moo" it's me, solo guilds, and i'll try and help you if I can, happy gaming :)

    Terry aka Moo aka Spherical FK/Moo RG ( I have RG and FK toons)

  11. I enjoyed the event and helping host it, I do have some feedback from the RG players and some observations from myself. When we did the hide and seek part and the player found us and took the wanted that went quite well but the RG faction kept shouting saying they wanted to protect Moo, when we eventually decided to tell them where we were it encouraged a bit of pvp and they seem to enjoy protecting me and the base dive one we did was fun. when we moved to amara it was harder to control and the cooldown time on wanteds was a bit of a pain, Rg's seemed to have fewer numbers on and struggled a bit. It was suggested that the gs's hosting the wanteds should be of the same class, Moo was a relativey undergeared squishy 59 medic and NoRunNoGun was a 42k geared De with two or three medics healing him at time which made things difficult in the base dive and amara as there wasnt a lot of RG online at the time, it was suggested that the two gses be a similar class and gear level although that may be hard to do. A lot of peeps were asking whats the prize, as it was a test the wanted was the prize this time round but we may be able to award points next time, we need to see what format the players enjyed most and how to improve it for the next time. Over to you guys. best bit of the event for me was the rg trying to protect me when the fk's based dived to try and kill Moo
  12. Hi Guys, you may notice that I haven't been in game quite as much of late, I am helping Vivi test the new patch for the new content on the test server, luckily there has been a fresh intake of game sages to help you out with any issues you may have in game.

    When I am in game you will most likely find me on Moo my RG medic at the moment so either shout Moo are you there as I will pick that up on any character I am playing on either side if I'm online, or feel free to inbox me here on the forums and I will get back to you as soon as I can or just shout for a game sage and someone should reply.

    have fun...oh and Moo! :P

    1. Nox


      :ph34r: i want to test too please :P

    2. Spherical


      obviously as a new GS you will be keen to help but are new, all in good time, testing is currently limited to a small group of senior/longer serving gs's for security reasons as I am sure you will appreciate as you guys are still on a 2 month trial

  13. I already tested and trialed this idea under the name moto gp seeing as it's bikes and not cars a wee while ago, in testing it went kind of ok but there were some teething issues
  14. my pc runs ssd starts up faster etc but the game is quite resource hungry so you wont notice any real difference in game
  15. Happy new year everyone

    1. Filomena


      Thanks, you too!

  16. I would just like to wish everyone here at VGN and all the players a very merry xmas and all the best for 2018 from me from bonny Scotland in the UK

  17. just an idea tat the moment but thanks you for your support
  18. hello felow Arkana, nothing official as yet, just hoping your feedback will help me make more events for you guys in game rather than forum based,, i ran a similar event before with an individual boss spawn but we seem to have moved onto a point system for event prizes, so i guess i m just gauging interest? I would be more than happy to do a wee hide and seek event over the festive period with whatever prizes Vivi deems appropriate but I am on GMT as in UK time, if anyone is interested in such an event please show your interest in this thread and if there is enough I will ask vivi if i can run it. this would be both on Rg and FK side but on GMT times. i would be looking at a 1st 2nd and 3rd prize of equal value on each side. saves me asking vivi for an event no one wants happy holidays Spherical FK aka Moo RG
  19. ooh fresh meat , welcome to the nuhouse ....oh and moo
  20. ooh goody more new blood for SB welcome
  21. Hi guys, just a wee update, some of you may have noticed me appearing in game a bit more regularly of late, I had taken a small time out to sort out some real life stuff, you might find me playing on one of my alts though.

    So on FK side if you see any toon with the guild TopArkana, it will be me as it is a solo guild 

    and on RG side any toon in the guild Moo is also me

    don't be scared to say hello or ask questions, I am still currently a game sage for Scarlet blade and trying to get my hours back up again after such a long break.

    Be nice to each other, if you can't be nice then don't say anything at all I always say :)

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