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Unaffiliated Vendetta Links


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  • VGN GM

Hello everyone!


It's come to my attention that there is a group of people claiming to bring about the return of Nostale Vendetta.


Please know that we are in no way affiliated with these people, we have not in any way been involved with this project, and we are not planning on reopening Nostale on VGN at this time.


For the saftey of your account, we recommend not clicking on this link and not involving yourself with them.

It seems they used a website cloner to make it seem legit with an unsecured website. Your information may not be safe when visiting it.


For the sake of your own account security and own information security, we highly recommend avoiding that website and all subsequent websites that may follow with it.


Anything related to, or part of the official Vendetta Network will only be announced and promoted through our forums here.

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  • VGN GM

Shame this needs to be bumped, but I have been made aware that the server claiming to be the "return of Nostale Vendetta" is back up again.


Please note that this server is in no way affiliated with Vendetta and we still have no intentions of bringing back Nostale at this time. If the real Nostale Vendetta was to ever return, the only place you'd hear of it is our forums or our main website - https://vendettagn.com/


It's highly suggested, for the sake of your own account security, to avoid these links and server, as it has already been proven in the past to be a large security risk for ANY information submitted to that site.

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